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Olive oil extract update


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So- I made suppositories with cocoa butter-
15g CBD (decarb)
5g CBDa
5g THC (decarbed)
5g THCa
I did an alcohol extraction - freezer method (3mins) then let the alcohol evap at room temp.
I ended up with 5g CCO.
from there I used the dosage/mix chart in here with the 10/1 ratio.
Used 1CCO+ 8cc cocoa butter + 2cc liquid sunflower letcien

This was created for symptoms of enlarged prostate. 3 suppositories a day.

On day 4 of 5 - and the user is experiencing that he can utinate better/more :D since day 2.

I am wondering what the next step should be? up the dose? Stay the course? Lower the dose?


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Ahhh.... *sigh of delightful relief*

It’s always a thrill.....

If it were me I’d take that revelation from your patient to mean the endocannabinoid system is responding positively. Depending on the level of medical oversight, the preferred option is to stay the course until the next labs. Re-evaluate and adjust accordingly when you have good reason and not before. Without the medical oversight it goes mostly by feel.

* Is the patient feeling better? Stay there.
* Is the patient not yet gaining any relief? Advance slowly.

The ECS much prefers a feather’s touch. Sounds like you have one. :4:

The system can be quite responsive with much lower doses than we expect.


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Re: Olive oil extract update...

All very interesting, but one thing which is probably very important is concrete information which we do not have. That thing is actual blood tests of people taking concentrates, concentrates via tacking, and 'complete' oil extracts through the GI. This would show the real deal, how much THC is actually in their system. But for information like that we would need an extensive study with many people over a period of probably a few months.

You talk about THC converting into its psychoactive state.. this seems partly incorrect since THC already is psychoactive, even THCa is to a lesser extent. When a person smokes they receive THC, and it makes them high. Through the liver THC gets converted to 11-OH-THC which actually is somewhat more psychoactive. But, keep in mind, if taken after a good meal the cannabinoids will be absorbed not through the liver but the GI.. slower, less extreme high, and longer lasting. And i'm sure i've seen figures of well over 50% absorption if taken after a meal.. which correlates with my example of one person who was taking 1ml CO that could not handle a much lesser amount of olive oil.

My thinking about tacking is that its not euphoric simply because its not binding to anything and hence not being absorbed properly. Show me hard evidence that absorption is achieved through tacking and i'm all in.

And once more, because i feel its very important to understand considering what you wrote above.. THC already IS psychoactive. If its in there, if its in your blood, your feelin' it.
Although building up tolerance is very important and really, 'the name of the game'. People need to develop, i believe, a healthy relationship with cannabis. Once they do that, once they get their tolerance up, the high doesn't get in the way anymore. Time, patience, and effort.
So any updates? This is like a really good book and I want the ending. Is there advances? Better extraction techniques? Some thing what a cliff hanger


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So any updates? This is like a really good book and I want the ending. Is there advances? Better extraction techniques? Some thing what a cliff hanger
no updates, the cannabis medicine game hasn't changed much, extraction methods are what they are and probably wont change much. c02 for the best extractions, veg oil and ethanol for diy and very close to any expensive c02 methods. and im sure you wont find physicians using cannabis based medicines practicing the tacking method.

a solid extraction, good quality herb and figuring out which strains work for who and for what.. thats where we are at and will be for quite some time...


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So your go to process is still the pressure cooker and fresh cannabis stick blended with with olive oil and water?
I will start my final extract of the year on Saturday, mostly Cannatonic.
I was going to use the IP, but spread it out over the course of the week, so that the mash can sit and marinade for a couple of days between cycles.
If I'm lucky, I might have an ultrasonic to use too.
I'm thinking 30 mins for the initial mash before I get the IP fired up.
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