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Olive oil extract update


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So- I made suppositories with cocoa butter-
15g CBD (decarb)
5g CBDa
5g THC (decarbed)
5g THCa
I did an alcohol extraction - freezer method (3mins) then let the alcohol evap at room temp.
I ended up with 5g CCO.
from there I used the dosage/mix chart in here with the 10/1 ratio.
Used 1CCO+ 8cc cocoa butter + 2cc liquid sunflower letcien

This was created for symptoms of enlarged prostate. 3 suppositories a day.

On day 4 of 5 - and the user is experiencing that he can utinate better/more :D since day 2.

I am wondering what the next step should be? up the dose? Stay the course? Lower the dose?


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Ahhh.... *sigh of delightful relief*

It’s always a thrill.....

If it were me I’d take that revelation from your patient to mean the endocannabinoid system is responding positively. Depending on the level of medical oversight, the preferred option is to stay the course until the next labs. Re-evaluate and adjust accordingly when you have good reason and not before. Without the medical oversight it goes mostly by feel.

* Is the patient feeling better? Stay there.
* Is the patient not yet gaining any relief? Advance slowly.

The ECS much prefers a feather’s touch. Sounds like you have one. :4:

The system can be quite responsive with much lower doses than we expect.
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