Olivia Newton-John Is Using Cannabis To Stop Agonizing Pain During Cancer Battle

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Olivia Newton-John has revealed she's using cannabis to stop her agonizing pain as she battles cancer for a second time.

In May, the Grease actress confirmed she had been diagnosed with breast cancer which had spread to her spine.

Olivia, 69, told The Today Show she was using medical marijuana to help her through the pain.

She explained: " I take a lot of natural herbs and healing remedies and also medicinal cannabis that's helped me a lot.

"'Initially I had a lot of pain. I don't have pain now."

Olivia's husband John Easterling is an importer of herbal medicines and introduced Olivia to its pain relieving qualities.

She added: "I'm so lucky. I'm married to an amazing man who is a plant medicine expert."

Shortly after her diagnosis, Olivia thanked her fans for supporting her.

She said: "Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude to all of you who sent such kind and loving messages of support over the past few months.

"Your prayers and well wishes have truly helped me and continue to lift my spirits.

"I'm feeling great and so look forward to seeing you soon."

The much-loved entertainer also told her fans about a campaign she was backing fundraising for cancer patients.

Olivia explained: "During this healing time, recovering from my breast cancer relapse, I've had time to reflect on how proud I am of the center and the important contribution it makes to the lives of the communities it serves.

"The wellness center programs are improving the lives of people going through cancer. This was my dream and it's now a reality."

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If we're going to put an end to insane government Drug War propaganda we need big name stars to step forth and speak up. Olivia has spoken up before but it needs to be louder and more wide spread. If just a hundred famous people stood up and spoke out and kept speaking out things would start to change pretty rapidly. Would Jeff Sessions continue to claim that "good people don't smoke marijuana" if more people like Olivia spoke up? Would the government publicly arrest a hundred big name stars cause they smoke weed? If they tried it social media would erupt and then their bullshit laws would unravel. Would people still believe government lies about cannabis being the 'devils lettuce' and a dangerous and addictive drug if someone like Sandy from Grease smokes up? And what, you're going to arrest a young black guy for smoking a single joint but won't touch Olivia Newton-John for the same 'crime'? Double standards much? And if law does not apply equally to all then it does not apply. Injustice to one is injustice to all. Such actions would expose the governments injustice and insane policies and help to bring about radical change for the better, instead of keeping to the same status quo of power, profit, and control, where those in power do not care about the people or planet but only care about maximizing their profit and control.