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Omni Puriclean 32 oz. drug testing HELP!


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Whats goin on people I need some help. I gotta drop in 6 days for my probation and I know I'm dirty so I bought one of those omni puriclean 32 oz. drinks and I got a packet of gelatin and a b-12 and a creatine pill when I bought the drink. My question is will this work, and can my probation test for the drink in my urine? It's Illinois probation if that helps. Also if anyone could let me know how to get the color of my urine to be yellow instead of like a mountain dew/mellow yellow color that would be great.


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The B12 will help color the urine yellow a pale yellow is still fine. If you've been a regular smoker the detox kit may not work. All you can do at this point though is to go through with it.
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