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On post housing


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My husband is going to be PCSing and we are going to have to move on post wherever he ends up. I have a recomendation from a physician in our home state (CA). I don't have one where we live now (I'm having a bitch of a time getting my medical records) but we don't live on post now. I'm terrified of bringing my medication on post because it's a federal offense. I realize it's a federal offense off post but I can't find the laws regarding housing on post and whether they can search my shit on a suspicion or what the hell. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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You have to have IRON CLAD backup to have weed on base, for any reason. You jump through every hoop they have, and then know that everyone on base will know too. I hate living on the base. (Air Force) That's one of the reasons I said I would NEVER live on base, even BEFORE I smoked. They have control over every aspect of your life.

They can do anything they want. ON POST. Off post, you may be alright.

Don't carry on post if you can AT ALL HELP IT. It's worse than airport security at some places. I know someone who was kicked out for just walking out of someones house (Off base) that was a "known individual who has smoked pot on more than one (1) occasion"

Your hubby could get into a lot of trouble, depending on were your next duty station is. Do you have any ideas were? CONUS or overseas?

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