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Once Again Too Early For Flowers


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well i just had 5 more outside plants go into preflower on friday can i still get them to go back to veg w/o fucking them up??they are only around 5 or 6 weeks old why are they going into flower so soon ,when there it more than 14 hours of sunlight .


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strange, they seem to be getting more than enough sunlight... my plants are getting 11 hours outdoors and they're clones. some went into pre flower and some are vegging as normal.. maybe it depends on the strain. but don't worry! have faith they will go back into veg,

are you giving it nutrients?


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Mines already stretching trying to flower and you can tell she's really wanting to flower but the June solstice is the 21st and the days get even longer so I think they'll revert to vegging, I've already talked to some knowledgeable growers on here and they should all be fine and revert to veg on there own,

Has yours began stretching?
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