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One bud at a time harvest

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I have heard that you can harvest individual or groups of buds when they are ripe, leaving the other to ripen. As I have a small crop it would seem to be the way to get the most from my harvest. Has anyone done this? How do you harvest and cause the least damage or set back to the plant, allowing the remaining buds to ripen?


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Before considering doing this, have you checked the trichomes yet? A 30x-60x magnifier will work perfectly, and binoculars used backwards can even work in a pinch. Harvesting a little at a time might not even be necessary.

I have only harvested 1 plant like this, and it was a small runt anyways.. less than 1 gram dry. The rest of my plants I will spot check different buds top, middle, and bottom, and make my decision based on the ratio of clear/cloudy/amber trichomes.
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I have been checking trichomes. That is why I ask. As expected the tops are riper then the rest, but only partly cloudy. I think I have about a week or a little longer. This is my third and most productive grow, but I am limited to six mature plants so I want to harvest at or near peak ripeness on each bud (or group if to close together). This is not a gram a bush. Five or six of the tops should dry out near an ounce together. These six are only 5' tall (better to hide so I don't get robbed) but I expect 8 ounces or better from these six. It has to last six months so I want it to be stony because that's only 1.26 grams per day.