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Hey guys, im kinda new here but have enjoyed the time i have spent reding the forums and learning a ton of stuff. One of the things i have noticed about this forum is people don't argue over stupid crap on here like they do in the other forums i follow. I have a jeep so im part of a jeep forum and people argue over the stupidest things. Instead of trying to help someone with a question alot of times it turns into a i know more than you pissing contest. I really appreciate the selflessness of this place. Keep up the good work guys.


420 Staff
Thanks for the compliment brother. They do fight here sometimes, however we have a team of dedicated volunteers that spend countless hours every day, editing and deleting these fights and nonsense, so you can have a pleasant learning experience. Half of the credit goes to the community, the other half goes to our staff, we're all in this mission together, and are fighting this war on a plant collectively. I am truly grateful for everyone who helps us manifest positive energy and awareness, that is our goal. :Namaste:
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