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One month and a few days left-SPIDER MITES!


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i have about 4 weeks left till i chop em down. is it okay to spray neem oil ???

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Lowering the temp and increasing the humidity will slow down the mite's breeding cycle and help the Neem oil take effect.


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Damn, fellas now his 2 weeks from harvest.

Cooler temps and higher humidity will help slow there growth.
One of the first things I cover when they are deteted.

The soap will kill 'em !!!
ex-specialy it he treats them evey 12-24 hrs.
You will also see some leafs die, the ones with the largest number of mites.
It's not a ...... damn , what's the words I'm lookin' for ...
matter of what to use at this point , it's a matter of What can he use and not hurt himself ...
the soap not Neem , Trust me I have experimented with myself.

Never use Neem with in 3 weeks of harvest But If you do,
mist/wash down the plants twice before you harvest.


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Too late to help this time but for a future grow you might try Hot Pepper Wax. I used it 3X in 10 days and it did the job on spider mites.
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