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One more questions about Cannabis Oil

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Im trying to do my first Oil for my Mother whos suffering from chronic pain.
And would like to Ask you a few questions i cant find a specific answer to them.

I will try to follow this method which seems safer to me than then the rice cooker method:
(E) Making cannabis oil and tea with Wernard Bruining - Mediwiet.nl - YouTube *what do you think? Do you see any flaws?

1.- Can you mix Strains for making oil? like sativa + indica?

2.- Some people trim and blend the buds before, so less alcohol must be use,
Will that not destroy trichomes and other properties? Shoul I Trim or leave the Buds intact?

3.- How long must the Buds soak in alcohol? 5 /10/ 30 min? longer?

4.- Does freezing the Buds & Alcohol QWISO (Quickwash) have any advantage for doing the Oil?

5.- At this point everyone agrees that decarboxylation is important, but..
Is there a difference to heat the buds in an oven before the process or better heating the finished oil afterwards? How do you guys do it?

5.1 Once finished. Is there a way that I can test somehow the quantity of THC and CBD in the Oil? (At home not in a laboratory)

6.- Some research claim that using suppository amplifies the absorption of THC because it doesnt goes through the Liver, so Bioavailabilty of THC goes up to 60% instead of 20% when inhaled or 30% when ingested. That means that 0.5gr suppositoy equals to 1gr oral taken, so less is needed to cure a person and no "High" effect, Ver important for those people who cant get up to 1gram.

Where can I find (link?) Instructions on how make suppositories properly, How do you guys make them?

7.- From all the people you know that treated themselves with Cannabis Oil for different types of Cancer,
How many % did survived their Illness?

I've heard of many remissions, but many in the end get their cancer back and die..
I know this is difficult to answer but, Do you have any number (%) of success stories of people who finally
cured cancer and never returned ill after taking the oil?

Thanks to all for your great Work!