One out of 4 won't root

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Hello, I really need some advice and hoping someone here can help me out. I recently stared a 4 bin dwc grow, germed 4 seeds, 3 strains. All of them went into their buckets a little over a week ago and 3 of them have really taken off and look healthy, however the 4th one looks nearly the same as the day it was dropped in (bottom initial leaves have yellowed). The one next to it is same strain and is going strong, all plants in same water hooked to same reservoir. 6.0ph ~500ppm. Why is one lagging? Is there any saving her? I have done soil grows before, however this is my first attempt at a rdwc and would appreciate some advice from someone with more experience. Ill put a few pictures for comparison in a bit.

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Probably just the genetic dice roll, same as people/animals they don't all come out the same even with the same parents. It may just be slow or it may be a total pain the whole way thru (or until it doesn't make it).
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I flushed everything earlier today, cleaned the buckets inside real well, refilled with fresh water and letting run for a day before adding next cycle of nutes. water temperature is 60 degrees. Now that seems low, and I would have thought this entire time that I would have to be having to do some kind of chilling, but I need to come up a few degrees. not real sure how i accomplish that.

I pulled the net cup for that plant out of the bin and just sit it on top, if it is the root zone too damp, then leaving it out for a day should drain some excess moisture and hopefully help a bit? I really want her to live, she looked real strong after germ and just stagnated when got put under lights, when the others flourished, so has me bit confused.


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Are the roots of the one not doing so good in the water?

If not I would be pouring nute water over it twice a day for a few days.

That is what I do with seedlings whose roots do not make it into the water on the first day of the move.

With clones I pull some root through the basket so there are roots in the water from day one.


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( water temperature is 60 degrees.) That would sure slow some plants down.

See if you can get that up a little. You may need an aquarium heater.
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I had kind of figured temp was a little low. I live in a hot southern state and never thought I would have to worry about temps being too cool in the res/buckets, but so far my room temps have been spot on. I have an idea to bring it up I will test out.

Each of the others has root systems extending out from net into the water and are looking healthy thus far.

The Royal Critical so far has the nicest looking root system (decent handful touching and starting to spread across bottom, stem structure and fan growth seem to be all on point

The Special Queen looks about the same as RC , very nice structure and growth, maybe looks bigger than RC at this point? but its root system only extends about a quarter into the bucket.

The LSD's are the other two. The stunted one has no root system visible out net cup, about 4ish days ago i had dug the plug out of the clay carefully and reset it lower into the net pot, thinking i maybe was having trouble touching water, as it was a tad higher than the others, when seeing the plug, it has just barely had roots sticking out of the sides and bottom about 1/16 inch , I carefully reset lower and filled back in with clay (i pretreated clay with like 1/5th str nutes), however after these couple days have seen no improvement, no decline, but no improvement either.

The other LSD germed super fast and strong way ahead of everything else, even in its plug it sprouted the quickest and matured the fastest, but it is kind of gangly. the stem structure isnt the best, needs help from toothpicks still. and it just doesn't seem to be as hearty as the other two, but its root system is real nice with some fat roots just nearly getting to the bottom.

I will be sad if she dies, but at least the other three are coming along, I'm going to try and raise the temps a bit in there. This is my second round of this first try of my dwc grow, I had just started 1LSD, 1 amnesia haze, and 2 big bangs and was about to the point I am now when two hurricanes came through and left me without power for nearly two weeks. Naturally not being able to spare any extra power from my genny, they all withered and died. :(

So im behind schedule and down some money from that, but everything seems to be on track now I really appreciate the advice and quick responses.


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(The stunted one has no root system visible out net cup,) That's is how all of mine started from seed start out in the DWC.

My guess is if you pour a little water out of the rez over it for a few days. All should be fine.

Just give it a little help till the roots touch the water and it should take off.

Good Luck!

Also are you using anything to fight off root rot?

That can become a big issue and something you should be prepared for.

I use z7 water treatment. Hydroguard is also good.

You should be using one of those or something like it.

You could lose all the plants in one day is root rot sets in.

That is the bad side of RDWC. The rot can spread to other plants.

Also if you use z7 there is no need to be cleaning anything till the end of the run.

The z7 keeps it all clean and free from root rot.
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In the pic you can see the 1 gal I have right next to it with some nute water, been slowly treating it since I reset it few days back.
I will def check out my hydro store for some z7 as I am not currently adding anything like that.


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You can get z7 on amazon.

It cost about $25 but that would last you about a year with you system.

It is great stuff and makes DWC/RDWC much safer.

I lost many plants before I found it...
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what kind of aquarium heater am i looking at for a roughly 50-60 gal system, im needing the temp to come up another 10-12 degrees. after running a few hours with fresh water it settled around 55 degrees :/. are there ones that shut off at desired temp or how do these work.


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You want to try to keep the water at 65 to 70f

(are there ones that shut off at desired temp or how do these work.) Yes that is how they work.

I saw a 300w one for $16 on amazon.

I would think a 200 or 300w would be fine.


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The one I am talking about is this one for $16.

I don't want to put the link because the mods might not like that.
Uniclife HT-2300 Submersible Aquarium Heater 300W with Thermometer and Suction Cup, 80 gallon

Maintains at temperatures that range from 61°F to 90°F (16°C - 32°C)
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after about a week, my temps have been like 65 degrees constant, i figured a few degrees wasn't bad, however looking at them today ( will be testing them and changing water later today) my LSD is looking droopy. Leaves are kind of curling on the broad edges. No discoloration and roots look fine. I will put up some pic later.

the RC and SQ are going super strong.