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One plant getting to tall for the growing closet, need advise


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Hello. First time poster, I hope I found the correct place to make this post, there are so many subforums here. I am growing 2 Blue Mystic autos in a 1.5x1 foot (55cmx35cm) closet with a 120W Apollo 4. Everything has been going good and I am now in week 3-4 of flowering.

However 1 of them has been growing very tall and lanky about 2 foot, it is almost twice as tall as the other one. I find this pretty strange since they have had the exact same growing conditions. It might be because of some fan leaves getting a little bit burnt at the tips from the CFL's I used during veg.

My problem is that the tall one is now only 2 inches from the lamp and I can only move the lamp 2-3 inches more now. Can I trim or top it even though it is in flowering? I have been hoping it would stop to stretch but I figure it has 3-4 weeks left in flowering and the remaining space won't be enough. I have been thinking about trying to tie the top down, but I have pretty limited space horizontally too. Any advice much appreciated.


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Yup, just slowly bend the top 8 inches or so over sideways. Press your thumb and finger aganist the main stem about 8 inches down and pinch it carefully as you bend it down until it kinks and stays in that position. You want to avoid actually snapping it off, heheh - it's kinda tricky - but that part of the stem should be flexiible enough not to break. It should kink and hang sideways, and then its lower branches will begin to grow faster, competing to be the highest top. Or as COKE said, just bend the whole sucker over a bit and hold it in place with some string tied to something. Bending & tying=LST. Kinking=supercrop.


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Thank you for the answers. I tried to bend the top 6 inches about 12 hours ago and it looks healthy still so hopefully it will work out.
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