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One Week In Stretching Like Crazy, Help


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I am at it again. I am probably the worlds worst student. I'm not giving up! I planted two Ken Estes Candyland seeds for my Parkinsons. The Candylands sprouted immediately in the window. I used black mushroom dirt. They are exactly 7 days old and have shot up about 3 inches. I am afraid they are going to fall over and they are so young. They are still trying to shed their little seed hats. Although I prepared the soil for outdoor planting, I have lost the season I am afraid, so I will put them in my grow box. I don't know how to make the transition? It is from Dealzer and has florescents in it. How far from light? When can I put the sprouts in dixie cups or not? I am lost. Thank you for any help:thanks:https://www.420magazine.com/forums/images/smilies/thankyou2.gif

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hi mate,
if your plant looks like its becoming top heavy due to elongation of the stem just use a small stake to hold it up.
in relation to your growbox genereally you would want to keep the fluro's about 2-4 inch's above the plant depending on wattage and heat output.
keep air circulating and temp,humidity and ph within specs and all will be well.:thumb:


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A slight breeze from a fan (not blowing directly on the plant) will strengthen the stem. When you transplant it just bury the stem as high up as you want. Just make sure not to over water her or the stem will rot. And fluorescent lights should be almost touching the plant. Put your hand next to it for a few minutes, if it's not too hot for you your plant will be OK. Some of mine have a plastic case on them. These I have touching the plant. Hope that helps.


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I'd actually use the inside of the arm or the indise of the wrist, as the skin's a lot more sensitive there. If your forearm can't take that heat, then your plant, stuck under there for hours, sure can't

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yeah my twin 130 watt cfl's generate 34 degrees celcius 3 inches from the globe and are hot to touch on your wrists,
new growth is very soft and sensitive only low wattage fluros are they able to touch but still not good as they will sweat and poss get mould.


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Be VERY careful trying to remove the seed husk. Spray it gently with water to soften it up before trying to remove.

Plant your seeds a little deeper next time. The act of pushing up through the soil strips the seed husk off before the seed emerges. If the seedling sees bright light when she emerges, she will not elongate so much.

Good luck!


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I am still at it. Please take a look at the pics and help me figure things out. All my readings are good but I can't seem to get a happy seedling plant

Seed: Ken Estes Candyland Planted July22
Germinated in Mushroom Dirt and Transplated to hydro at 3 weeks
Temp: 80 and steady Fan/yes
PPM - 460
HP - 6.0
Light 24/7 fluro
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I would personally run an 18/6 light schedule. Plants make hormones during the dark period.

And some of the leaves look like a little nute burn, have you made adjustments to the nutrient concentration since the appearance of those spots on the leaves?

And if possible, a slightly lower PH would help. 5.5-6.1, with 5.8 being ideal for hydro.

Do you have air stones for the hydro?

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i agree with antics:) 18/6 photoperiod the bugger needs some shuteye.
your root system is not developed enough yet and the plant is struggling with the nutrients strength.
cut the ppm back to 200,ph adjust to 5.8-6 ,cut a circle of black plastic sheet to cover your pot so algae not forming on top of potting media
get some aquasheild or cannazyme going for your roots.
once she has come good you can start increasing ppm again:)
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