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Onemanfarm Farm! 2 Autos In A Box! Royal Dwarf + AK47


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Greetings fellow growers!

Some details:
2x royal dwarf, from royal queen seeds
1x ak47 unknown breeder
soil, compo sana
3-3.5l(around 1 gal) plastic pots
140 watt cfl, 8700 lumens, 2700k from start
box 60cmx30cmx85cm, cardboard
tap/bottled water

Seeds where not germinated, just tossed straight into moist soil inside peat pots.
I have never used peat pots before, they seem to suck the moist from soil, shrinking it and leaving space between soil and pot where roots may be exposed to light - don't like them.
After roughly 24 hours, the seeds have sprouted. On the left is ak47, right is RD

I've been keeping them under 32w cfl till they grow up a little, but for some reason the stalled - 3 possible cause:
1: seed have been covered with less! then 5mm(0.2 inch) of soil, causing rapid sprouting, without correct root growth.
2: overwatering and heat stress.
3: bad karma

As soon as roots have started to show up on the bottom of peat pot, i transplanted them to medium size plastic pots, and after 3 days again, to final 3.5l pots - so they are a little stressed cause of all those transplants.
The box has been designed and constructed during the grow, for the last 2 days my girls has been taking sunbath under 140w cfl, with mediocre ventilation and very low humidity.
So far this is what we have in day 9 from sprout. RD on the left, AK47 on the right, the small one on top of the right pot is RD 24h from sprouting.

Small? yes! heat stressed? yes! but overall they look healthy and happy.
Lets hope my babies will get better now :)

Oh! in the middle are two chilies i wanted to fill the space with.

*edited, cause i am intellectually handicapped and unable to post photos properly.


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Will Be Following Along Your Grow Espcially To Watch AK47 As May Be One For Next Time Although They Do Get Pretty Big! I See Your Using An 180w Cfl, What Colour Spectrum Issit? & Will You Be Using Just This Same Bulb Throughout The Full Grow?

Random Question.. What Chilli Plants You Growing There? I Have Loads Growing Too.



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Will Be Following Along Your Grow Espcially To Watch AK47 As May Be One For Next Time Although They Do Get Pretty Big! I See Your Using An 180w Cfl, What Colour Spectrum Issit? & Will You Be Using Just This Same Bulb Throughout The Full Grow?

Random Question.. What Chilli Plants You Growing There? I Have Loads Growing Too.


Hey Littlemiss!

The light i am using consists of six, 23 watt cfl ~1500 lumens. Color temperature is 2700 Kelvin - redish, as close as i can get to HPS HID. This setup will be used for the full growth, as the light is "optimized" for the flowering stage.

The chilies are bird's eye.

Now back to log.

I was able to stabilize temp at around 26C-28C (79F-82F) but my probe shows 15% humidity. To be honest, my all previous grows shew no more then 15% and i am literally pouring humidity into the box!

On top of that, i have some leaves shape irregularities


Both my girls are small in size... day 11 they should be quite big by now. Not too worried thou, they still have around 2 weeks of veg before they switch to flo.
No nutrients so far, last watering 3 days ago and soil is still moist.



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Yeah Your Light Is Fine, Just Right For a Couple Plants, Your Temperture Is Bang On But Your Humidity Levels Are Really Low, Veg Stage You Want Higher Humidity Have You Tried Putting a Bowl Of Water Maybe At Side Of Tent? I Still Don't See How Its So Low Though With Your Humidifier Thing. To Be Honest First Leaves Can Go Weird Sometimes, Personally I Wouldn't Worry At The Moment, The Leaves Look Very Healthy & Everything Else Is Looking Good The Next Sets Of Leaves Are Doing Fine So They Should All Follow Through Normal Now. Couple Of Days Behind But Not Too Much, My Boyfriend Took In His Mates Auto She Stunted It Two Weeks From When It Had Sprouted & Its Still Managed To Finish Up Nicely. :goodjob:


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It is day 15 for both of my girls.
Couple things happened this week.
There has been a massive condensation on side of my box, being made of cardboard you can imagine results. Note i have quite rigid wooden construction inside, that my girls and I are happy with.
My higro-thermometer was faulty, after display showed 99% humidity and 70C, I decided to buy a simple mechanical but proper metrology device.

Whenever I open the box, humidity goes down, temp goes up side effect of passive intake.
I expect humidity to be around 70% during day time and around 82F/27C.
Few words about light cycle. Since the beginning of grow, I have been messing with it being anywhere between 24/0 to 18/6 go 20/4 from now.
My Royal Dwarf is getting bigger, 15% increase in both diameter and height every 24 hours.

AK is not doing that great, she start to branching quite a lot, but being rather shortish lady. I was being told it was auto ak47 feminised, but it might actually be some kind of lowryder cross?

Oh, I decided to go with scrog this time. The neting is already in place, but if I could ask for some advice, maybe tutorial with pictures and what not?
If I understand correctly, all the foliage should be kept under the net?



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Haven't posted in long time.

I have lost AK47. I have received the seed as a bonus, it was supposed to be feminized, but for some reason it was a male so i flushed him in toilet.

My oldest Royal Dwarf, now day 30, around day 16th-17th i tried to bend her under the scrog netting and the top has snapped.
The scrog wasn't the best idea, i decided to cut off the netting and LST both of my plants.

The cardboard growbox without proper insulation is a no-no. My humidifier was constantly wetting the paper thus making it soft, and as i figured out couple days ago, there was a fungus growing on the bottom of the box. I've build a proper wooden box, painted it white, with roll-on front flap made of stitched reflective, micro-perforated screen and green, light (but not air!) tight canvas, thus even completely covered, it work as a big, passive intake air filter.

So its day 30 for my oldest, and i am really happy with what i got so far.

She branched really nicely with plenty of nods. I wont guess how much will she produce. Considering all the abuse, stress and whatnot i will be happy even with 10-20 grams of smooth, sweet tasting bud.
The other plant is 9 days younger twin, but with main top and a little bit stretched.


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Man oh man oh man! we are getting close! so excited!

Day 42! around 10 days left, and i am getting smoke-hungry!
Those are my twins, on the left is 9 days younger, she is going to be way smaller then the other (by weight)
Notice color difference - discoloration is a sign of nitrate deficiency, guess she needed some nutes after all.
I have "injected" concentrated 100% organic worm casting into the roots + watering with worm casting/water mixture - all organic and natural as i like it!

Lots of dropped leaves! she must have sucked those nutes like an milkshake!

I just love to simply watch them, water, train... Just look at this forest of nugs

Look so sweet with all the sugar... must resist to lick!

I love you my little gem

PS. I feel like Sam Rockwell in Moon, talking to myself :laugh2:


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Just like i mention in my introduction post,
I am great cook, and like every great cook, you have to try your prepared dish a couple of times during the process. So i tried to resist the urge, not to try... just like every time i grow a new strain - the urge of trying just a little, smallest nugget... not even nugget, peas more like, to see if we are going in a good direction, will i like it? will friends like it? will it be sweet, easy going silky smoke? The start is the most important thing... the most interesting for me :)
Love it, when you smoke from a small pipe or micro water bong, You sit, and start wondering am i feeling something? was it that weak? so you start rolling joint, or take some bigger bong and load it with bigger nugget - you are just about to hit it, and you realize you have been knocked-out just in that exactly moment. You have to decide what are you going to do now smoke some more? or decide to pass :) choices... choices...
When you say no! you know its going to be good :)

As you should know by now... i have failed once again :) I didn't manage to resist the urge to try.
Now what can i say about the strain:
Royal Dwarf from Royal Queen Seeds.
Skunk x ruderalis.
60% sativa 10% indica.

The sample has been picked around 10 days before being fully mature.
Sample size was of pea, quickly roasted on frying pan using waxed paper.
High lasted around 1.5-2 hours.

RQS description is wrong by a mile - 2-3 weeks of veg, 5-7 weeks flower? You must be high writing this. I have been vegging for almost 4 weeks, its 16 days of flowering and i know i will finish in 10 days!
Every day i get lots of new trichomes! they are small and not tons of resin, but still.
I will harvest with 10-20% amber, 70% milky, "Overflowering" Sativas is really bad for your psyche.
The site says "It gives a mild social high and relaxing body stone" Yet i found it very social, wanting to go out in the forest with bunch of friends, go out on bike ride the city night.
I can safely assume 20% of potency at the moment. Giving i haven't smoke for 2 months, may mean its strong... or weak.

I am not going to rate anything at the time! But it's going in right direction :)

David Bowman

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