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Ongoing thread for my 1st grow

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I'm well underway with my 1st grow and I still have 20 new questions every day, so I'll ask them all in this thread. Here are my specs:
2 x MK Age (MK Ultra x S.A.G.E.)
1x Dark Star
1x Blue Kush
It's Day 11, they were all clones between 2-4 weeks old.
Indoor grow with Promix HP + perlite added.
Plants are currently in 1/2 gallon pots, maybe 2/3 gallon.
1 x 600W MH (Growbright brand I think) in a simple $25 wing reflector.
Currently using 1 x 1.3 gallon Sunbeam dehumidifier to cool the room (room is at a constant 79F with RH 44% during lights on, and about 66-67F with max RH of 60% during lights off).
Room is 4.5'x4.5'x7' but actually a little smaller due to framework and negative pressure.
I have not tested pH yet (I've heard not to mess with it unless needed).
No pests yet; I have 100% Neem oil (cold pressed as far as I can tell). I plan on using this once the clones have set root completely in their current pots.
Waterings are about 4 days apart so far, I've only fed once with Fox Farm Grow Big.
For ventilation, I have a 590 CFM inline fan sucking through a carbon filter, 1 X 16" oscillating fan blowing a few inches above the canopy and 1 x 6" fan blowing from the corner towards the inline fan.
Anything above 86f will stunt growth. 76f is the highest you should let I go if you want to keep them in "perfect condition" try and keep humidity below 50%...although mine is currently 62% in flower as I cannot get it any lower so don't stress too much!
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Without a humidifier, my humidity is roughly around 30%, so I don't forsee humidity affecting me much compared to the temps. I also have countermeasures ready for humidity, but not for temp. Problem is, after all my research, I think the only way to cool down the room enough is a portable air conditioner :/
every strain likes different temps . i have my girls flowering in 88 degree temps and they love it .

check out the link in my signature for diy projects .. that have some cheap efficient homemade chillers u can use ..:goodluck:
i just have good air flow across the canopy with a fan . they have been in flower a week and have already started stretching and i can see lil pistols about to shoot out . the temps that hidden mentioned are optimal temps . they are the temps u want to achieve for the best results .

those ladies need some attention . i don't know who told u the statement below but in my opinion u want to maintain a good ph to prevent any issues . why would u want to wait till the plants are stunted like now .
I have not tested pH yet (I've heard not to mess with it unless needed).

u NEED to check your ph . u are having issues . how many weeks are they ?

i would flush your plants and try to get the ph right so they can recover . i think u have a mobile nitrogen deficiency if not more . your plant needs nitrogen to grow in veg .
what i would do is mix a little grow nutrient in a spray bottle and dilute it real good with water . shake it up and give them a foilar feeding straight on the leaves right before the lights go out . i foliar feed with lights on . most people disagree with this but i just shake the plant real well to make sure there are not big water droplets on the leaves and i have never had an issue.

Foliar feeding can be incredibly beneficial for your marijuana plants. Although this tends to go against popular perception, marijuana plants require regular spraying and/or misting. Plants can and will absorb nutrients from their leaves with a nutrient solution mixture.

Foliar feeding provides a rapid boost to your marijuana plants, ultimately producing larger, better, and more bud-filled harvests. That being said, foliar spraying cannot replace a standard root feeding regimen. Instead, it provides a quick way to get supplementary nutrients to your plants.

Clearly, foliar spraying is great for correcting nutrient deficiencies because of how fast absorption occurs through the leaves. The results will be almost immediate. The ideal time for foliar spraying is the early morning if you’re growing outside and whenever the light turns on if you’re growing inside. The stomata are open when the light is on them. It should be noted, however, that a temperature of 80 degrees or more will make the spray less effective because many of the stomata will be closed.
that im not exactly sure . i would use a good diluted solution.Don't make your foliar feed too strong as there's a risk of scorching the leaves when salts in the solution are left on the leaf surface. The same dilution that you use for your liquid fertilizer (i.e. diluting it to the color of weak tea) should be safe .
good deal .hope it all works out !!:goodluck:
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Just fed them and added a few pinches of Epsom salt, I think the promix needs some extra Mg. I also got my ph pen today (Milwaukee 600 one), tested it out and it also says my promix ph is around 6.8-7. I think this is too high and am looking for a way to lower it. I hear vinegar or citric acid would work, can anyone elaborate on this?


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those will both lower ph
i think most nutes will change the ph
always check after adding
you are not far from the optimum target of 6.5
you don't want to change it too much at once
i believe phosphoric acid is the most popular ph down

after saying all that i don't think 6.8 is too high for veg
just in the higher range
take care and good luck
hey man ..
vinegar works great. but a little goes a long way .. i would get some non hydrated lime and dissolve it in water and water your plants with it .. i add it to all my soils. i mix it in before i plant now, but u can apply it the way i mentioned and it will work since u have already planted your ladies .

check out my signature below for helpful links ..