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Online Hemp Store Launches


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Hemp.com Inc. is pleased to announce the grand opening of their online store (http://www.Hemp.com), featuring a variety of fine hemp products. After careful consideration of the myriad of hemp-based merchandise, Hemp.com Inc. has formed a relationship with two top vendors in the hemp industry.

Nutiva offers a bevy of food and nutritional products including hemp protein powder, organic hemp seed, hemp seed oil, and delicious hemp seed bars.

Ecolution features the best in hemp clothing and accessories. Hemp clothing is warmer, softer, more absorbent, extremely breathable and significantly longer-lasting than clothing made from cotton.

Since 1998, Hemp.com has been dedicated to the education of the public as well as the promotion of the legalization of industrial hemp in the United States. Canada and many other countries worldwide, have embraced hemp as a cash crop for the struggling agricultural industry, realizing the real worth of this multi-use plant.

Without losing sight of that goal, Hemp.com understands that the best way to make the community aware of the value of this unique crop is to make hemp products more readily available to the general public. To that aim, Hemp.com will continue to expand its merchandise, fully intent on meeting the needs of our eco-friendly customers.

As our product-line continues to grow, we look forward to sharing with you what may be nature's perfect resource.

The Hemp.com store is located at http://www.hemp.com/ and is offering free shipping and a 10% discount on all products during this grand opening celebration.

Over the next few weeks Hemp.com Inc. will be adding hundreds of products including; shoes, sandles, more clothing and apparel, hats, and many other eco friendly products.

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If I had to guess, I'd say it is because of the lack of technology to mass produce hemp materials. Because it has been labeled as a "taboo" fiber for so many years, very few technological advances have been made within the textile industry for the mass production of hemp material. One day there will be a time when a cheap COTTON t-shirt isn't the only thing you can by in a department store.
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