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Only one cotyledon present :/ any advise please


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Just germinated 5 feminised seeds and 1 has only one cotyledon present I know it's called a monocoat and know some info about it but would really appreciate any info if people have had or seen this before and how it affects the overall plant and growth I have had a little search on google but found nothing to really help :/



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Thanks for some feedback this well be a good one to see how it turns out
But not sure how it will affect the overall growth and yield
I suppose there's only one way to get the information I need and that's just to soldier the grow and see where it goes
Hopefully it's all ok but I will be updating this thread over the next few weeks for future reference for others as I this this is the only
Thread in this site about it happening :)


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It looked healthy, I wonder if you could of cut it, like you would if you were topping it and If it would of grown.


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I'll tell you how I germinated mine, I had a total of 7 seeds and all 7 germinated perfectly and it was very simple. Get a clear glass of water and throw a seed in it. The seed won't dunk for the first 5-7 hours so after awhile tap on the seed with your finger until it sinks down. Let it sit for about 15 hours more until it opens up (shouldn't take no more then 24 hours). Take it out and put it in your soil about as deep as the size of you're pencil eraser. It should pop up in a few days I think mine took 2-3-4 days. Hopefully this helps you too I'm in the process of growing my first plants and I'll tell you it is difficult but fun to watch them grow. Oh and make sure to keep them in the dark complete dark until they pop up and start growing. Give them like a spoonful of water once or twice a day.


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it reminds me of a seedling I had last grow. normaly you'll see the 2 cotyledons and the begining of the first real leaves right from the start but this one ony had the cotyledons. I think it was a birth defect
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