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Only Prescribed In Ca?


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i don't use understand why their are 11 states in which it is legal to use it is weed for medicinal purposes; however, I have been told that only prescribed in CA?? I have been to the NORML website...My mother has MS and asthma...i strongly believe that a cannibis chocolate would do her good...is there any such prescription in this hell we call freedom? "Thomas Jefferson, said, "When Government fear the people there is liberty, when people fear the government, there is Tyranny" this loss of liberty is sickening. :rasta:


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Re: Only Prescribed In Ca???

Because all the other states do not have a system to deliver medical cannabis to patients. So, just you've got a bunch of politicians jumping on the bandwagon.."We'll make it legal but not legal to grow, sell or distribute. As far as that goes, you're on your own. Good luck."

Oregon is close to a system where the state will actually handle the growing.

No one else is even close and they are not in any hurry either, that I can see.

Maybe someone else knows more but that's what I've found in my readings.

California has spent ten years developing a system and it seems to work. (We still have counties fighting legalization of medical cannabis dispensaries.) Still a bit too "Old West" but it's getting there.

"Is there any such prescription in this hell?" .. yes after 10 long years.. CALIFORNIA.
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