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Onthe420train's Back in Bubbles Grow


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Hey so I'm going back to DWC after doing Ebb and flow for the last 4 months.

Four 18 gallon plastic tub with 5 3.75" netcup each and growing from clone.
Hydroton, rockwool macro plug, ecoplus dual outlet air pumps, flexible diffusers and medium air stones.
so I made four of these for $110 and they sell on the internet ebay for that much each, or half that at best. guess it was the $30 I spent on hole saws and a used drill that equate to a 200-400% retail markup on actual cost.

My dry nutes come out about $9 a lb. and I will likely use about 4 to 8 grams a gallon.

growing Mandala Kalichakra, an indoor hybrid well suited for SoG and very agreeable with cloning techniques. I like this plant so far but haven't budded it. The mother is going on 4 months old the 22nd. She is not that large, but she is getting there. Also WOS Afghan Kush Special. Super frosty, super dank. Also suited for SoG although I don't have a suitable mother because I wanted to bud it out. Ah well, new AK will be ready to clone in a week or two so I will just wait until then.
usually take more clones than I need but this time I have less, oh well its not like I am very time crunched. Also I can take larger cuttings and make larger clones so they have less catching up to do. The Kali is getting pretty big and needs another hair cut, shes a great mother.

600w HPS, Homebox XL, 6" exhaust, carbon filter, hygrometer, and Milwaukee SM102 pH meter.

Pics should be coming up within a wk of the first round starting to veg in bubble tubs.


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its going well, about 18 clones are well rooted into their buckets and vegging under fluorescent and another 5 are still pushing for roots out of the netcups. Have room for 25 plants as of now, upping to 30 plants once more clones become available possibly through trade.

here is one picture that is from last friday. I will take an updated picture when the sodium turns on.



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Looks Impressive, like the spacing of each plant, you just have to remember that you eventually have to change each res (thinking of when the place are about 4x current size), do you have a drainage valve in each or...?



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Great start! Did you get those tubs from the guy on e-bay that allows you to pick how many pot in the lid? Are they 10 gal tanks? Good to see you growing again.


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That's the kind I like also. To each his/her own. If we all liked the same stuff the seed co. would go broke! LOL!


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definitely jungle boogie.

the Kalichakra is some south / s.east Asian blend. Advertised as a good anti-depressant indoor sativa (high) dominant hybrid.
18 gallons, huh? Thats a lot of nutes!

I wish I could try that Kalichakra , I've never heard of it. I don't get out much tho.


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woops i will update pics soon.

sorrrrry keep totally forgetting.

seems like alot of nutes but I use maxigrow and maxibloom and at $30 for 2kg of nutrients and 5g/gallon it is not running out very fast at all. Although now that they are flowering nicely and beginning to swell I need to use some koolbloom.

unfortunately my nice meter bit it but I have cheap backups I left with a friend and they work just fine still.

added the 250w hps and 250w mh
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