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ooohhh crap. please help brought home clone with mites


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its been in my grow room with my other clones for about a week now, how badly screwed am i?
should i throw everything out and start over?

i suddenly decided to check some leaves witha magnifier and theres tiny little spidery looking things chewing away at it (shishkaberry x bhudda)

they are all real young so i sprayed everything extra heavy with strong insecticide. even one seed that is barely breaking the soil got a dose :laugh2:

how badly contaminated am i?
do they lay eggs in soil? or just leave them laying around everywhere?

i was thinking i could just sever all my clones and reroot them in a cloning chamber with high humidty... and spray them a lot.
maybe i should just throw everything away and move to a new apartment??
do i have to buy new lights? what if theres an egg laying on the power cable or something!


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Dude try getting a Hot Shot No Pest Strip. I used this in combination with some spray and it worked great. I have heard many success stories from people using the strip by its self and it killing the mites off. I got mine at Lowes for about $5-6. Here is a link of what to look for. Oh I no longer have fungus gnats either, but I was also using Gnator at the same time. I can't acurately say which did the trick.

Amazon.com: No Pest Strip: Home & Garden



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well i checked it out and that looks like it might be a little too scary, i have a 5 pound chihuahua who hangs out in the immediate area very often.

"Hot Shot No-Pest Strip emits an odorless, penetrating vapor killing flying and crawling insects in non-occupied areas such as attics, garages, storage lockers, sheds, basements, crawl spaces and closets. They're great to keep boats, Rvs and cabins bug-free when not in use. One Hot Shot No-Pest Strip will control insects in an enclosed 12 Ft. x 12 Ft. room with 8 Ft. ceilings for up to 4 months. "

"Not intended for use where people will be present for an extended period of time. Read and follow all label instructions."

hate to be too picky, maybe i could hang one for a few days and stay in a motel :D

might have over sprayed them a bit last night they arent looking to happy about it. im gonna keep it up anyways, they are lucky to not be in the trash.
now im down to only 3 baby clones and 4 seedlings grr


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Not to add more doom to your glom but dogs can carry bugs also I would not let him or her near my grow area if it was me
try neem oil or SM-90 OR any other bug spray from your local grow shop they have plenty to use sorry to hear about your issue with bugs

buy the way were did you get the clones from ?



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ok ill get both of those..
i guess they stick the eggs to the leaves. ill keep spraying everything i can get on them, for the next 6 weeks. then ill stop when i switch to flowering and hope for the best, i guess!!

ive never had any problem with jaws contaminating me with mites.
she gets regular baths and goes to work with me and never really goes in any dirty places whatsoever. extremely pampered

the only time i ever got them is now! from the bad clone uuugh
it came from a co-op in longbeach on second street. usually they have excellent plants but that shishkaberry had em all over it when i finally got around to checking.


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easy on the poison or you will be poisioning yourself when you smoke it. neem oil works real well and won't hurt you.


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easy on the poison or you will be poisioning yourself when you smoke it..


they are only about 4 inches tall i was gonna let em veg for a good long time was hoping it would go away by then :laugh2:

unless theres a sign that they have a foothold that will be hard to fix in which case ill still go with plan B, trash everything left and nuke the site and restart from seeds in a couple weeks

hopefull that i caught it in time and will be lucky:32:
new rule for me, new clones go into quarentine!! ;p


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this stuff looks interesting says it works on eggs!:headbang:
and gets the fungus nats too!


Sesame & Fish Oil Disease & Insect Control Organocide is an insecticide for eggs, larvae and nymphs of insects as well as the adults of soft-bodied insects. Controls a wide range of insects including, but not limited to, mealybugs, spider mites, aphids, leaf-rollers, whiteflies, fungus gnats, thrips and some armored and soft scale insects. It also controls certain fungal diseases like powdery mildew, black spot, and citrus greasy spot. Labeled for most vegetables, fruits, vines, herbs, ornamentals, greenhouse crops, flowers and field crops. Consisting of 5% sesame oil and 92% fish oil, the manufacturer applied for a patent for the synergy between the oils for improved insect and disease control. According to the manufacturers, Organocide has a higher degree of safety to most plants than petroleum oils, even when applied on the hottest days.


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hope everything works out for you


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ty! =)
i really need to get a handle on this going to the store for 1/8ths all the time is really expensive ugh.

i now have neem oil i got some at the hydro shop, funny how they always have everything needed


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Pyrethrum spray in aerosol form is great...and Organic! Follow the instructions and you (and "Chato" the chihuahua) will be well and good.

Neem kicks their ass too!

Drop the humidity below the 50% mark to will help keep them away.

Plus check out all the new and revised stickies!!!!

Just keep after it.


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yaah i think i can overcome
i was going to alternate sprayings pyrethrins and neem, and if i can steal some cigerettes from a smoker ill make a nicotine and garlic one :D

i got a cool sprayer pretty cheap at the hydro place it has a nozzle that turns upside down to get under leaves.
doused em good with neem and now i guess i dont use it for 2 weeks it says on the bottle, does that sound right for cannabis plants with mites? it actually says 2-4 weeks.
and i sprayed the soil a lot too and pretty much everything around there was a lot of spray... is that ok?? :D

i guess ill just pour the rest out and clean the bottle good
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