OOTD Grows 3 Autos In Coco Under SP250

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What strain is it?
Auto White widow, hybrid
auto black valium, indica
auto glue dream, sativa

indoor...Dimensions of grow space? Aka...The Box
Roughly 2x5x7

Soil or Hydro? Coco/perlite

What size pot? 3 gal fabric

Size of light? Mars sp250

Is it aircooled? window unit

Temp of Room/cab? 68°-78°

RH of Room/cab? 50%ish

PH of media or res? 5.8ish

Any Pests ? Neighbors

How often are you watering? 1-2 times a day

Type and strength of ferts used? General hydroponics trio @ 1/4 strength

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The Box

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Nice!!!! Allot like mine other than the Noots! Good luck. I am gonna watch and see :ganjamon:
Thank you and welcome to my grow
Gotta little prep to do first.
1st Need to harvest that girl in last pic (next saturday night)
By then the beans will be ready to go into their 3 gal pots.

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The other girl well that is fiona, she has had a rough life to date but doing ok.

Was raining for days at the beginning of the week and humidity has been out of control in the box. Freaking out of coarse so close to harvest.
Have a small dehumidifier but just can't handle this type of environment so..... i just ordered a 30 pint auto everything dehumidifier, along with new pots for this grow.

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I have the infinity 4 inch fan with humidity and temp controls, Its 5*****'s and just purchased a second fan to fine tune my environment. The controller will run both but im not sure yet if at different settings? If not it comes with a variable speed controller.

I have pieces of plywood that I have cut out that fits into the box to create a dark room and drying room. It fits in this area and turns into the highest shelf for pots while having a sealed off area that is completely dark. I bought the second fan to control its environment a little better. Thats my hopes anyways. Atleast only for a week +-. Then want to be able to use new fan to move air around vs these cheap fans that make so much noise.

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My nutrients:
RO water with calmag plus

General hydroponics flora trio
Flora micro
Flora grow
Flora bloom

Ph down

*ml to 1 gallon ro water in that order
I have a pump that waters the oldest plant. Fiona gets watered by hand because she is still getting calmag and some grow.
Within this 3 auto grow journal I hope to simplify my watering by being able to water all 3 plants with same pump, and same nute schedule :goodluck:.
I started growing autos perpetually and would have another baby by now.... but the big girl in the box is not what she was supposed to be. She went 60 days before i called it, and flipped her to 12 12 like a photoperiod. Took another 11ish days before she started throwing pistols. Messed my perpetual grow all up. Fiona a auto white widow has suffered from her older sister's demands on the light.
This is Fiona
She still has a few to go and will be finishing up while we get things rolling with this new grow.

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The humidity is out of control. It rained this morning and is supposed to be raining all week.:surf:

Ive got the second infinity cloudline mounted to the top of the dry box top panel.

This sits on the highest shelf cleats and there is a front piece that all fits snug and turns into a 3 foot tall dark box. Ive dabbled with hanging a t5 in there. Some time in the future we are gona do something about having a second permanent environment.
The new pots came in as well but the coco is still buried in a tote out back. Tonight when all the wondering eyes ears and noses are asleep the big girl is gona go into the dark probably 2 nights 1½ days of dark give or take.

Once I hang her in a couple days all focus on dropping the new beans.

Ive got alot of cleaning to do.

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Well crap wife went in the hospital again last night. Never good when they keep her. I did make it back home earlier today to start getting ready.
This is what I was able to do.
Clean the bottom have of the box.


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K everything and everyone is in limbo tonight. Lifes a bitch sometimes. Some people just get the wrong end of the stick.

The box finally got some relief with the arrival of a brand spanking new 22 pint dehumidifier. I just threw it in for tonight with all thats hitting the fan in the last couple days.
Humidity has been the worse its ever been for me sitting around 88%. Its not raining but just lingering drizzle crap that just keeps everything wet.

It takes up some real estate. But the % is dropping and im expecting things to start to turn around for everything and also everyone :smokin:(I love you baby)

And falling :roorrip:

Fiona has not been watered for three days. Tonight she is showing the consequences of that. This was the second time she went on rations to combat the humidity. She is about to get a drip line stat . She is starting to thicken her tiny little buds and is now on a 18-6 light cycle. She has been on 12 12 from seed till yesterday. Hopefully she dont ftfo. Things are gona get better. We are gona get these three autos started and fill this box from corner to corner.

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Only waste is from the base of the main branch & roots, along with the little bit of yucky leaves in the tin. All remaining fans and rough trim go into deep freeze to make a couple batches of topical oil. Most of the larfy under buds will go with it but its going to get dried first. The remaining slightly better larfy buds will go to make some edibles, haven't thought about its extraction method yet. Then ofcourse the buds will get jarred and burped.

Gonna be germinating some beans probably tomorrow night. I still need to drag out my extra coco.
The box allready has a shelf that stretches from one end to the other but im on the look out for something I can use for a drain pan to collect all three pots run off in to one bucket for removal. My neighbor has some left over metal roof sheets and was think something like that will channel all water to one end provide it has some pitch to it.

Fiona was watered close to three gallons of week 6-7 nutes and look good this morning.
Humidity was 40's% in box
And 60's% in dark room.
Temps went up to low 80°f with the dehumidifier though in the box and stayed in the high 69°f in the dark room. Need to rearrange things above the light and start controlling my air better.

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Couple shots of fiona.
While moving the fan control to ouside the box I had to drill a hole to bring wires out. I was thinking yeah just close the door to keep the saw dust out. That did work. Well... I totally spaced about what would fall on the backside. Fiona got a wee bit of saw dust on her. She is all ready sticky as hell so it doesnt just shake off. Me im used to it i eat saw dust everyday at work. Just trying to explain that hint of woods campfire taste might be interesting one night. You can see the specs in the pictures.
She got the last bit of water that was mixed, or in house. Looks like its time for the pups to take a ride.

It looks like I might only have enough coco for two pots. I do have a pot that I started a black valium in at the same time with fiona but she didnt pop. So think so far so good.
Ill be back home later tonight and will get the beans into some water.

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Show time


The two new pots have a mix of 50 50ish new and 1 run coco. Had to scrounge for enough coco for the third and it has same but with some 2nd run coco.All coco has perlite mixed in it.

Just reg tap water to germinate these babies.

Have high hopes for the black valium. I like heavy indicas & it knocks my wife out. Come here babe smoke this with me :48:

Night night.....Haha kiddin but she does have her own stash of her "sleepy weed"

Glue dream only have this one seed.
White widow I have the most of and this little runt is the one that went swimming.


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19 hrs no sink yet. Ive always poked at them by this time and they would sink. This time im gona give them a little longer ive got to get back to the misses right now.

*misses is showing definitive signs of improvement :kiss::dude-knocking:

Some pics of fiona she is taking a liking to the new light schedule. It actually is on 24-7 right now. No reason other than at the moment its either 24 or 12 12. Need to get in their and reset the timer.

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24 hr soak. Gave all 3 one poke and down they went.

My method is pour water from glass to moisten center. Just before all water and seed is empty I make hole first knuckle deep. Give a couple pats on bottom of glass and there she goes, cover hole. :smokin: :goodluck:


Fiona don't give a flying flip bout nothin. Shes got a second stretch thing going on. She is still on same nute strength at week 7ish. Ive been running a few gallons threw her at a time giving plenty of run off to flush her out. Hopefully we won't go through anymore droughts.

Now we wait :meditate:

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*wife is home :love::10:

For the 3 autos
I ran some tap water around the outer edge of the moist center to allow the center to soak up some of that to stay moist.

Fiona's tips started turning yellow. I think it was from the drought. Shes been on same nutes for almost 2 weeks. She probably just drank to fast. Or crap maybe the light being 24hr. Anywho ive allready turn that to 18-6 today. She'll be alright.


Checked the drybox.
Think another day. I did snagged me a small branch while in there. :rollit:tastes pretty good.
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