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Opar’s First Grow: Blue Dream & Bubba Kush 2.0, 2019


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the lack of big colas
Don’t worry my friend! They will fill in nicely!! :yahoo:

must admit I regret supercropping the last time..

Yeah I typed it out that way! I don’t regret it one bit!

Nothing but forward my friend!

Everything’s looking great!

Ohh damn! I think I stepped in some of silverfox drool!


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I still remember mine vividly
oh, most definitely!:high-five:

Even my yellow coloured blue dream is trich’in up!

Here’s 2 Blue Dreams and one of the kush... I’ll get better with lighting and holding damn digital microscope steady :)

Great work with your Microscope! Lookin superb! :thumb:


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Looking so good there coming along very nicely
Thanks Mushie! Appreciate your feedback! Hope you are doing well!

You’re coasting now!

great job Opar. There is no better smoke than your first plant. I still remember mine vividly

Thanks Silverfox :) I’m hoping I dry and cure well enough to knock the socks off some friends :)

Great work with your Microscope! Lookin superb! :thumb:
Thanks @Backlipslide! Means a lot!


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Fed again, I’m sure I’m dumping around 4-5 litres a day into each pot, somehow I feel like I’m short changing them... going to see how much they’ll take tonight.... maybe I’ll do two feedings, and see if I can’t get another couple litres down their throats

What a smell, definitely can notice the coffee/earthiness of the bubba kush 2.0, and the smell of the blue dream is just incredible! Only day 26(ish).... almost halfway for the bk2.0!!! Can’t wait!!!

Ordered a new light the other day. I think this one is doing well, but hoping I see a major difference with the led. I’m not sure about the spectrum on this Vivosun bulb. I did up the wattage from 1000 to 1150, which is their + option I believe... plants seem to be loving it, no noticeable bleaching.... new light is backordered... should have it in 4 weeks or so...

Anxious to get on with the next grow, but still so much left to do here.... not looking forward to the trim, especially as first time, but I don’t want to get a machine either, I want my bud to be manicured and appreciated by those I gift it to :) haha ohhh the hubris!




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Well, things are moving along... going into 5th week since the flip, day 30.

No real worries yet, thought I noticed some slight taco’ing, so I raised the light a tad. Hoping to see some of those buds start to grow, I am concerned about the bubba kush 2.0 plants, The tops are so clustered, I’m hoping they aren’t retarding each other’s growth :/

Some pics!!


My troubled blue dream’s new growth still yellow, but trich’ing up nonetheless.... my jaundiced blue dream :). JBD, wonder how she’ll smoke!

Really happy with the frostiness of the plants. Do the buds usually gain weight late? Day 30ish, not sure how they are progressing. Bubba Kush will finish first, and of course they are at the back of the tent (rookie mistake), around day 50-55 (holy cow) HSO says... so I will be starting the KoolBloom for it soon.... still haven’t decided if I’ll flush or not yet.


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From my experience I would flush but again I’m not experienced in coco and don’t know how that effects it.

i think if you don’t flush it just seems to take way longer to cure and get that true taste of what it will be.

looking good!


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Enjoy ! The cure is my favorite part.

there are tons of options. I’m old school. I cut the plant whole. Trim it and hang it whole In about 10 days it’s Ready for jars

look into boost packs. They are similar to bodega packs but don’t “steal” the taste.

I’ve never used either until this grow and have been comparing the jars and the boost taste and smells almost identical to jars with no packs in them


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Don’t worry about the plant clustering up, that’s just what nature intended to do I guess lol. It’s looking good man!! How long is the recommenced flower time for these lads of yours?
it definitely doesn’t hurt to flush! Even in coco you can buildups!

I think I’m right around the same time mark of flower... maybe a day or two off... I can’t remember lol, I barely keep track of the days :goof:
I’ve got a link in my sig for curing and drying, check it out bro!! :thumb:

it’s lookin good!!:bravo:


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Thanks @Backlipslide, bubba kush 2.0’s are 50-55 days as per HSO... blue dream is 65ish I think. Going to be interesting cutting out the scrog to harvest the back 2 and trying not too disturb the blue dreams too much lol.... whoopsies... definitely going to check out the links... and I’m watching your next grow as well :) looking good!
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