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Opar’s First Grow: Blue Dream & Bubba Kush 2.0, 2019


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So I lifted up the front 2 plants (blue dreams) and put ‘things’ under the pits to elevate them. The canopy is now pretty level and the blue dreams appear to be loving the increased ppfd.... I brushed up against a few of the edge colas and my arm hair was coated in Reich’s.. what a waste, I will be more careful... can’t smoke arm hair



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Well, I stopped the pk 13/14 today, and started the koolbloom ripener.... hoping I can see some of those calyx’s swell :)

so tap water at 120ppm
Add 600 ppm floranova bloom

total ppm before koolbloom around 720ppm

1.25 tsp koolbloom (1/4 tsp per gallon)

Ph down to 6.1 ... pH read 6.3 without pH down .... which is still in range for me, just wanted to lower it a bit...

crazy! Time is dragging on so slowly, but on the other hand I’m not too far from harvest... just hoping as the nights cool, I can still maintain a good environment for the girls.... getting damn cold overnight, my low was 62 and my high was 80 .... I quit venting outside the window and started venting into the house.... Vivosun still leaves a noticeable smell, but I’m sure it’s way better than nothing....
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Well, because of the colder overnight lows , I removed a fan and turned down my exhaust fan. This has resulted in some heat stress, on the bubba kush 2.0... so I lowered wattage back to 1000, and turned up the exhaust fan to max. This should solve the issue...

Took a few pics, blue dream is starting to stack cola, and while bk doesn’t seem to be that type of plant, some of its flowers are swelling and looking good. Aroma is amazing in the tent, what a great multi-strain blend it makes.


Blue Dream

Bubba Kush 2.0


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Right when you think that, it seems like a couple days go by, and your getting ready to chop! Lol

patience Opar... patience!!:laugh:

haha I know the feeling though!!
Especially when you get down to those last couple days just waiting on trichs to turn whatever ratio you are targeting!

hang in there @Opar. It is so worth the wait:ganjamon:


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For the bubba kush 2.0, Pistils are changing colour, day 39 of a 50-55 day strain.... Getting exciting... I had bought some organic bubba kush from a legal store, from the whistler cannabis company.... over $100 for 3.5 grams ... wow.. but, my plant smells just like the bud I bought, super stoked!!!

Just viewed this on a desktop for first time, man I need better lighting for my pics... I apologize for image quality, will do better !!



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Wow. Those buds look amazing @Opar. And the yield you're going pull down is crazy. Happy for you bro..great job
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