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Opar’s First Grow: Blue Dream & Bubba Kush 2.0, 2019


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Hard to tell if there's a recurrence or not.... I took about 4 fan leaves just in case, and dialed the light from super lumen (over the 1000watt mark) down to 600watts to try to control the heat... humidity is 45ish, so hoping i'm just being paranoid... i'll leave it at 600 for awhile and then crank it up if the high's don't get out of hand.

On another note, my new LED just shipped and should arrive tomorrow! Yay! tempted to put it in right away but I think i'll reserve it for my next grow, id hate to screw up this so close to harvest... i'm thinking i'm about a week or week and half on the bubba and perhaps 2 and a half on the blue dream.... i'll watch the trich's closely now.... soon to start my next journal...

DWC and coco, quadlining instead of scrog, let the games begin!


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Well it’s back on one plant.... so I cut out the scrog and trimmed it down big time, left the other 3 as they are since I didn’t find anything... plus took forever to trim that one plant down

bubba kush 2.0: left plant I left alone, eight plant I trimmed down

left plant:

two together after trim

powdery white mildew on cut leaf


Clean leaf (no pwm)

Tent back together....

wow, can’t believe how long that took... hope it pays off!




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In the pics above, while thinning out my pwm infected bk2.0 , some of the weaker stems needed that scrog support. I clipped ‘em, they are definitely early so I brown paper bagged ‘em and put em in the fridge. The larf from below I ziploc’d and froze for later ... maybe an mbe...

I’m hoping I see some purpling of the leaves next few days and some amber soon, I’m around day 50 from flip, and hso says 50-55 days, pistils came out quick, and being in coco I’m hoping that means a harvest this week, but I’ll definitely let the trichomes dictate, unless I see mildew again, in which case I’ll chop the bk2.0’s and do a dramatic leaf reduction in the blue dreams, which are stacking up nicely.... they are 60-65 days I believe.... so looking forward to harvest but man, after working on the bk2.0, I smelled to ‘high’ heaven.... gloves and overalls should work to help with the smell?

My Blue Dreams out of the scrog:


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I haven’t even looked yet... I’ve been away from the tent since last feeding. Just been kinda peaking my head in after work/ before bed. I will take a good look tonight, as they need a feeding today. My guess, is within the next week, or even early the week following.


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Good news and bad news!!

good news, my led finally arrived! I hung it but need to mount the power supply.... so will test it tomorrow after I have some new hangers.... thinking of switching gears and doing 2 plants in flower and 2 in veg, allows me to perpetual 1 Strain and will be less maintence than these 4. it’ll also allow me to grow from seed, and use veg tent to dry after harvest... I think....

bad news is:
Can’t seem to shake this pwm... only sprayed once.... it’s back but again only a little... I trimmed it out again... definitely going to bud wash , thinking about early harvesting... so close.... might go buy some more White Wash and see if I can eek out another day or two.... no amber yet, but leaves are definitely purpling and the smell is incredible, love bubba kush 2.0 , other than pwm issue... pretty damn sure 40-45 rh is causing it... it’s hard learning the hard way every time :)
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well, about to check on the plants.... I controlled the over run, i thinned out her canopy.... I’m now thinking it’s the large temp swings causing spikes in humidity. So I will disconnect the duct from my forced air register and have the tent draw in air from the room, I will also set the room thermostat so the furnace will kick in and I’ll try to dial it in over next few days for 10-15 degree variance max (Fahrenheit).

Side note my second LED (either veg light or side light) is set to arrive today... I better hurry up and get my environment dialed in :)


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Ok, so LED is running yay...

pwm didn’t progress much thankfully.

unhooked ducting from register and now, wow, talk about negative pressure... turned fan way down and temp is looking good... set furnace, reset thermometer and hygrometer hydrometer? So I will find out tomorrow if that fixes my temperature swings....

Preparing for my 2nd grow... :)



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Looking great @Opar. You’re getting really close. Do you know how long they have been flowering or in 12/12? They look mostly cloudy and some clear to me but I’m color blind so don’t rely on my :laugh2:

I’d probably wait a bit longer. I prefer mine at mostly cloudy/amber. Maybe a 70/30 ratio but it’s personal preference
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