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Opar’s First Grow: Blue Dream & Bubba Kush 2.0, 2019


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Nice harvest off of one plant!!!! Happy smoking for you.:lot-o-toke:
Thanks Mushie, I’m pretty stoked, my blue dreams definitely weren’t as trained as my bk’s, so not sure what to expect... looking forward to quadlining my next grow to make it easier maintenance, etc... future grows will probably be longer veg’d 1 plant per 4x4 scrog... this will almost certainly reduce maintenance etc, just want to get dialed in before I put 4 eggs in 1 basket so to speak


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:11: Right on bro! Congrats man! :thumb: Great yield! I’d be lucky if I saw those numbers off one plant!

nice avatar btw! I had to take a double look at it. Didn’t know what it was at first:laugh2:
Thanks BLS! As for the avatar, it was one of my best buds... but if it looks like an oh Henry , maybe I should change it lol


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excited to be drying, first plant is dried and now curing... I let these go a long time, potentially too long, I guess we’ll see how it goes!

3 down, 1 to go ... damn it takes awhile , especially with the bud wash!!

last plant which is my jaundiced blue dream

Top and first 2 rows are bubba kush I chopped yesterday, middle 2 rows are healthy blue dream which did have some pwm, bottom 2 rows are empty until tomorrow and will house my jaundiced blue dream when I chop and wash her.

H2O2 wash.... yech. 2 pails of plain water for after the h2o2 dip... this wash clear and clean at start
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I haven’t tried them yet... oddly enough I don’t partake really, maybe once or twice a year :D.... trying to get together with a few buddies to get their opinions but so busy... I guess I’ll freeze this at some point, after a nice long cure.... :cool:

One thing I did notice, the Blue Dream produces larger buds, so probably more weight with it, whereas the bubba kush 2.0 were more golf ball sized nugs. Can’t wait to do a full dry/trim weigh in for a total amongst the 4 plants.


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Don’t freeze it. Just keep it Jared in a cool dark place. Freezing the trichs makes the head snap off loosing some of it’s magic.

can’t believe you haven’t dived into that!!! You have way more will power than me. :laugh2:
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