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OPINION: Self-Medication & Marijuana

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
Though one might argue that cannabis would be most helpful in helping a returning soldier work through post-traumatic stress, it may also be utilized when tumors begin to grow in our veterans due to the depleted uranium that is the cause of the 600% increase in birth defects in the Middle East. Over the next decade as our soldiers intimately come to know the truly devastating consequences of depleted uranium as opposed to the "possible kidney damage" myth perpetuated by this nation's Department of Defense, they will also hopefully learn that in addition to alleviating depression, reducing anxiety, and minimizing pain, cannabis often successfully stunts tumor growth even though such medically sound evidence is denied by the Bush Administration and by the increasingly dangerous Food and Drug Administration.

Returning soldiers are not along in their suffering though; such gross mistreatment by the government is quite common among the disabled community. Though childhood disabilities are sympathetic enough to be well-treated, adults with disabilities that continue to be problematic are accustomed to the dogma that dictates that any assistance available to be received will be enough to further incapacitate the applicant and that such assistance is most often only attained when dignity, pride, and free will have been sacrificed in the interest of ensuring the elevation of the egos and reputations of men who assemble commissions to tidy the messes that they have made.

Perhaps, as the need for programs that help wounded warriors transition from violence to peace becomes more clearly defined, the two ostracized groups will bond and learn from one another. Montel Williams will soon consider a service dog-training program that introduces sufferers of multiple sclerosis and homebound soldiers the tremendous healing potential of animal assisted therapy and to one another so that sustainable strengths may be gained.

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"depleted uranium is a war criiime!!"

we should be able to make the choice to smoke herb by ourselves...drugs are a different story..but marijuana is a fucking plant assholes. It would help the soldiers be less crazy as would it for me! Damn I'm moving to Cali
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