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OPINION: Who Promotes Scare Propaganda About Cannabis?

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
There have been several scary articles in major media this week about cannabis or marijuana. The powers that be, those who control the media love to play on our fears. It makes us more accepting of their waste of our precious lives and resources.

Over a thousand people die each day due to tobacco use! Close to 300 a day die from prescribed pharmaceuticals. . The tobacco, alcohol and pharmaceuticals gangs deal drugs that kill many more annually than all illicit drugs. We tolerate their salesmen!
Drug War Facts: Annual Causes of Death in the United States

Alcohol makes domestic violence 8xs more likely; marijuana does not according to a 2003 study. There is a link between pharmaceutical psychotropic drugs and violence including school violence!
The Drugging of our Children (Gary Null) (SSRI drug dangers)(Columbine shooting)

New Study: Marijuana Does Not Cause Psychosis, Lung Damage, or Skin Cancer
New Study: Marijuana Does Not Cause Psychosis, Lung Damage, or Skin Cancer | Stop the Drug War (DRCNet)

It is down right sinister, a crime against humanity, for the medicinal uses of cannabis to be suppressed. Some scientific researchers speculate that cannabinoids play a protective role in the brain, slowing the rate of disease. Ooooops! Who spilled the beans? Scientists and patients all over the world, that's who!
Rebel with Just Cause Award!

Patients testify to Cannabis' help in treating Alzheimer's, chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, gastrointestinal (GI) tract disorders, Cancer and HIV/AIDS! A 2007 Columbia University in New York study reported smoking average strength cannabis was as effective as taking 8 times the US FDA recommended dose of Marinol!

Instead of walls or more prisons build bridges of tolerance to differences in race, religion and lifestyle. On that subject we need to shore up our infrastructure. The bridge that collapsed in Minnesota is one of thousands. Bridges and DAMS all over the US need serious repair. The money saved treating drug abuse as a medical problem could repair this infrastructure and rescue Social Security from impending bankruptcy.

Legalizing and regulating drug distribution would immediately cut off the major source of funding for terrorists worldwide. When will we declare our independence from big government's scandalous waste of our precious lives and resources? Our founders believed the best way to spread the freedom philosophy is by being a shining example.

Save the American Dream! Restore justice in the world; construct science based drug policies about saving and rehabilitating instead of ruining lives. Warriors can get their adrenaline rush increasing public safety; chasing murderers and violent sexual predators. Support for the war on drugs is inconsistent with support for individual freedom, Constitutional, small government and the teachings of Jesus, the Prince of Peace.

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If all pot smokers came out of the closet and took to the streets, we would be living in a different world.
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