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I'm 45 days in flower and my Blueberry Kush is showing leaf problems for first time in flower. Large fan leaves on tops are beginning to turn yellow, some small brown spots appearing, and leaf tips curling down. I have between 5 and 10% amber trichomes on tops, and 40-50% amber on sugar leaves.

I planned to feed light for a week and then flush soil for two. Is this the plant pulling Nitrogen from leaves or a calcium, mag, or potassium deficiency? Something else? Not a huge deal if she's dying but I'd like a little couch lock and some more fattening of buds. Any ideas appreciated.



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Thanks Penny!

She has always been the color of the large darker green leaves in the foreground. Definitely necrosis at main vein. Lightening/ yellowing is beginning to spread across all of the most mature fan leaves on tops. She was in back of tent and color obscured by the damn LEDs.

Am with pw on that one with it using the last of its nutes have you started a flush yet? Don't forget flowering nutes don't have much N but more P K so it'll be on the last recourses of the nitrogen I'd say they look near enough dont tbh I'd say there near ripe as I only see a few white pistils so keep your eye on your trichs from now if you ain't already
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