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Opinions on 6x 5gal RDWC in a 4x8


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Currently i m growing in a 4x4 tent. 1 of my plants was able to take up the space of 3 plants and naturally gave nearly 3x what all the other 2 plants gave. 7 ounces roughly from 2 plants each, 20 ounces from the gg4 that took up more space. 2 plants discarded and 1 small one lacking light gave 21g.

My thinking is the 6x plants could give massive yields if I were to double down on lights and space despite there still being only 6 plants total. Opinions? I see 'less is more' being a common reference to dwc, after seeing it first hand I can see why. It seems amazing what a plant will give if you just give it the space. Does this hold true for basically all strains?

Lighting will be 12x qb132 3500k per 4x4 running at roughly 750watts, or 1500 Watts for the whole tent
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Hi mate. I have toyed around and seem to always pull am average no matter what. I am in a 2mx2m apexed tent with 2 x 600w Hps. I average about 25 - 30oz. Wether it's 9,10 or 12 plants. The wattage to gram conversions for lights and diff strain advertising are including perfect environments with perfect lights,feeds,temps,co2 ect.. so can't really be your base. Using manifolding/mainlining can produce some very promising numbers as do scrogs,defoliating,backbuilding buds,lollipopping/supercropping,hst,lst ,the list goes on but ultimately it is your own personal preferences and comfort that drive your grows. Be brave and try a few methods /strains/mediums to find your best farmer head and always be willing to lose outdated and mythical advice from claimed gurus gone by. There is a lot to this game if you choose to venture but there is also a path of least resistance thanks to the grow journals to follow and pick info from.
Enjoy mate and will sub in for the ride.


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Should be a fun experience doubling down

Time will tell! I'm getting all excited again now that I've had my first great harvest of 2 pounds
Time to turn those 2 pounds into 4 pounds!

I would upgrade right now if Amazon had the qb132 x4 in stock
Would love to upgrade/move to bigger tent before roots settle in water on my new Jack Herer clones.
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