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OPP Find Nearly $13M Of Marijuana Plants In County


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OPP have discovered nearly $13 million of marijuana in Haliburton County. Beginning the third week of August until Sept. 30, members of the organized crime enforcement bureau — drug enforcement unit supported by the Central Region Canine Unit, the Central Region Aviation Unit, members of the Emergency Response units and uniform members from the OPP detachments of Peterborough County, Haliburton Highlands, City of Kawartha Lakes and Northumberland County OPP have conducted drug eradication at 51 plots in the Region.

Over $57,500,000 in marijuana plants were seized during this period with 29 arrested and 50 Controlled Drug and Substance Act charges issued.

A total of 57,657 marijuana plants were eradicated in the following areas:

Haliburton Highlands - 13 plots, 12,926 plants eradicated. Northumberland County - 17 plots, 12,616 plants eradicated. City of Kawartha Lakes - 9 plots, 19,524 plants eradicated. Peterborough County - 12 plots, 12,591 plants eradicated.

The investigations and eradications are continuing.

Plants are worth approximately $1,000 each.

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I have been noticing a trend this year. The cops are making big busts (some record sizes) which means there are way more growers growing larger amounts. All the money thrown away on prohibition could have done much more good somewhere else. The busts stop nothing. If the police think it does (which we know they do not - on record) the cop must be a rooky with high ideals ( in this case continueing prohibition would be a low ideal.), because the older ones know the difference. They would always rather pick up the guy who has smoked pot over a guy drunk out of his skull. End of arguement.
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