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Optimal nutrients for each stage


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What is your opinion on a soilless medium for best nutrients or a target range for non auto flowering plants?
Strains: atomic nl, white widow shark, blue og
Soil: pro mix
Nutes: maxi grow and maxi bloom
Currently on week 3 of cuttings, root development but nothing to serious
Light: 400hps 400 mh with an additional 400 hps for flowering
Room temp: 68-74
Clean air 24/7 through dryer hoses on additional vents for house

I made newb mistake of miracle grow and quickly got them out and is now in prow mix, miracle grow cause some ph burn, also rookie mistake didn't chk ph until after signs of damage.
Miracle grow bounced between 7.3-8.1 between wet and dry cycles so now I have ph stable between 6.2-6.8 and growth is starting. I put an air stone and air pump in water resivoir and it seemed to help not sure if that's cause the chlorine evaporates or whAt? But any info would be great

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Do you have any pictures you can share?

How much pH burn we talkin? Also, did you ever flush? What PPM you feeding with?


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The PH range for soil-less medium should be 5.8 for best nutrient uptake. Here is a nutrient uptake guide to reference.


In my soil-less medium I add as much as 10ml per gallon Gro, 5ml Micro, 5ml Bloom and 5ml Cal-Mag. I do not know the PPM of the solution but General Hydroponics has a guide on their website to help with that. I know from a friend that I could go a little higher but have never had the need to go higher in my concentrations as my plants do well at the levels I am at. Keep in mind strains have different tolerances to NPK levels, so when doing a mixed grow you may have to have a couple of different mixes depending on the strains you are growing.

The air stone helps to oxygenate the water and I have read that chlorine takes anywhere from 24-72 hours to leach out of tap water.


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I don't know very much about growing I just started but I'm on week 6 of flowering blue og it is very sensitive to Nutes I started at a 3/4 strength went down to half and still was burning after flushing I water then nute then water I'm using half coco coir half perlite advanced nutrients other then that it's been good hope my input helps happy growing
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