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Orange County, Docs?


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Does anyone know of any doctor's in orange county,California who are more leniant on giving away a recommendation? As in , if i had no doctor papers saying i have this problem, but i told him that i had insomnia, and i found it MUCH easier to sleep after i smoked a little bit. (Which is true).

OG Kushsta

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Re: orange county, docs?!

It is best to go to a Regular physician and get his advice first and document it. He wont prescribe you Marijuana.. But, It will give you some Doctor's papers, and Real proof you have been looked at by other doctor's. As far as Doctor's who are more Lenient.. There arent many left and I am glad.
The reason you got denied is beacause you have no proof of any ailment that is relieved by Medical Marijuana. There are several Doctors in your area.. But, they are all going to deny you for the same reason.
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