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Orange Kush


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So i finally made it back to the 707 and finally got to taste some club buds again.

my buddy was pretty excited to show me some of this shit, its some orange kush and the shit will lay your ass out!! :allgood:



it was some great weed!


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Wow those flowers are so lovely my viscereal urges are telling me to pollenate them:3:.

How many times do you make it out to the 707 a year? Is that where your family is located?

Do you know if its Cali O X a Kush variety ?

The high is predominately indica, correct?

Do prices fluctuate greatly for top quality bud in your region?


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Those are some dank lookin nugs.


Very nice!:allgood: This past winter I was workin with a chick who grew a few lbs of orange kush with her boyfriend. I think I must have bought almost a half pound in ounces off her. It was killer B.C. bud :3: But those buds ya got ther are beautiful:laugh2:

:peace: malibu


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those are amazing! that is the shit i work all season for!


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id hit that...

mr. bojangles

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dude. those buds are so sexy. looks like crystalized christmas trees. im gonna post pics of some of the shit ive been getting here. how much that cost ya?

Da Great 1

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Very Nice looking Bud


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my buddy really hooked me up, he gave me 4 grams for $40

and Mr.OnionGobbler it was predominantly an indica strain but did have a bit of a sativa zing to it that was fun for hiking. i am not quite sure as to the parentage as i was only in town for a couple of days and didnt even get to make it out to the club so i didnt really look into it. but ya i am from the 707 in northern california and love that place like no other haha


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well that makes me feel like my stuff actualy is orange kush. thts what i was told this quad is I have but I wasn't sure till i saw this post. looks exactly like my weed. does it guve you a really head high? ike makes your mind work fast?
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