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Orangeblood's Grow Room-Yumbolt 47, White Widow, Air Pots, LED+HPS, SOG, & R2D2

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:yummy: Welcome to my second grow journal on 420! :welcome:

My growroom is a 10'x10' bedroom in a single story home. It has been divided up into a 3'x3'x5' home built veg station and a 4'x4'x7' panda film bloom hut. It is a small perpetual harvest garden that keeps me well supplied with meds. I grow only for my wife and myself. My herb is not for sale but occasionally I do give some away to close friends. This is a totally non profit personal grow.


Lighting: 250 watt MH w/ Phillips Bulb for Veg . 430 watt Son Agro HPS w/ Eye Hortilux Bulb + CoolTube for Bloom
Supplemental lighting is provided by one 55watt LED Panel, one 90 watt LED UFO, one 50 watt LED Mini UFO, and one 2' 4 bulb T5 HO fixture. All lights are hung with ProGrip hangers.

Soil: Fox Farm blend of 1 bag Ocean Forest + 1 bag Light Warrior + 1/2 bag Happy Frog

Nutrients: General Organics Bio Thrive Vegan Plant Food System + Earth Juice Humic Acid + Dark Energy + Medina Horticulture Molasses. Foliar spray is Dutch Master's Liquid Light + Penetrator

Containers: 4"x6" Air Pots for seedlings, 3 liter Air Pots for clones/veg, 3.4 gallon Air Pots for bloom, and 5.2 gallon Air Pots for Mother Plants

Air System:
Controllers: CAP AIR 1 Temp & Humidity Controller and a K&K Controls Greenhouse/Barn thermostat controller.

Intake: 465 cfm Blower w/ double barrel outlet for fresh air. One outlet (for veg box) is ambient outside temperature and the other( for bloom tent) outlet is cooled with a Hydro Innovations Ice Box and a 1/10hp Hydrofarm chiller

Flow: 1 12" Air King wall mount fan + five 6" clamp on fans + ceiling fan

Exaust: 90cfm blower for the 250 MH. 125 cfm blower for the 430 HPS. 20cfm pc style Dayton fan for the chiller and an 8" Hydrofarm inline fan for general room, heat, humidity, and odor exaust

CO2: CO2 Boost Bucket

Cloning System: Homemade aeroponic bucket housed in R2D2 ;)
The Comprehensive

Water: Tap water stored in a 20 gallon reservoir and aerated for 24 hrs prior to using

Timers: Heavy Duty Outdoor Analog Style

Pest Control: Yellow and Blue Sticky Traps + Doktor Doom + Jungle Rain Clean Leaf

Extras: Syringes w/ 10"x1/4" tubing for drawing nutes from the bottles mess free. Hydrofarm measuring shot glasses. 30x loupe. Hydrofarm snips. Big 2 gallon pitcher for mixing nutes and water + wood mixing spoon. PH testing tape. Light + Moisture + Soil PH Meter. Dual zone digital thermometer. Drip trays/pans.


Yumbolt 47 Feminized from World of Seeds
White Widow Feminized from Green House Seeds

I think that about covers the logistics. Let's get started! ;)
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Since this garden is in full swing I'll go ahead and start with the clones for the lazy SOG I run
6 White Widow Clones have been propogated in the R2D2 cloning droid and then moved to to veg with two 1 week old Yumbolt 47 seedlings

The clones have been in veg for three days and have only been fertilzed with Bio Marine. The seedlings have not had any fertilizer and are just now starting to be fed regular tap water instead of bottled spring water.

Here we see the six clones in good health seated in 3 liter Air Pots and the two Yumbolt seedlings in good health seated in 4"x6" Air Pots

In the bloom hut I have 2 mama plants and 2 medium plants in bloom. 1 mama has been in here for 4 weeks and the other xxl mama has been in for one week. The two medium plants have also been in bloom for only one week.



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If you posted R2D2 in your last journal I missed it...that is friggin' great man! Subscribed!
Yeah he was there Brother! I did the posting on 4/20. The link to my old journal above in the room description will take you right to the R2D2 spread!


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Cool Orangeblood I'll be Lurkin' :smokin:
Awesome job in the Intro to the Grow.
You got two extra Chairs for your friends Frank Gore and Michael Crabtree? ;)
Later! :bravo:


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Well Hot Dawg!

Game On!!!



---OB, perhaps post a link on your last journal to this one? I just stumbled across this new one. Unless of course you're hiding from people, :3:
Well I am hiding from this maniac!

I'm working on tying everything together now. Also need to update my sig. But I'll be sure to "jump" over there and add a link



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Cool Orangeblood I'll be Lurkin' :smokin:
Awesome job in the Intro to the Grow.
You got two extra Chairs for your friends Frank Gore and Michael Crabtree? ;)
Later! :bravo:
Glad to have you on board TW!
The Inconvienent Truth and Crabs are here! We've got David Carr Wreck here cleaning our glass and keeping our drinks refreshed!


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Whoooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !


EDIT: Forgot to give 5 stars and reps!
I am in for the ride.
Awesome! I know this thread will be spectacular with PapaGreen on board!
Thanks for the stars PG! 5 star thread already and it's not even off the first page yet! Super cool!

Snowman just finished tricking out rig for the 420 Nation so hop on up in the trailer and we'll smoke this bad boy out! We're East Bound and Hammer Down Boys!



hey I just saw an R2D2 in some catalog says it would talk to you and can play tag, bet it won't sprout any mother herb:goodluck:


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Since I dont deal with seedlings very often I want to go ahead and go into detail on these two Yumbolts while they're still young.

The young lady on the left is 11 days old and the one on the right is 9 days old.

We see that they have set the first three sets of true leaves and are now producing the first set of 5 point fan leaves. At the same time their stalks are beginning to firm up. In another day or two they will no longer be seedlings but young little plants.

To date these seedling have had minimal care. For me it's important to not fuss over and handle the youngin' at this stage. I pretty much plant them and let them do their thing for the first couple weeks.

The 2 seeds were germinated in wet toilet paper on a window sill. I do not use any hormones or fertilzer for germinating. After they sprouted they have only be given enough bottled Spring water to keep the soil moist for the first week. After the first week they have been watered with standard tap water. The soil in constantly moist but it's not mud

Next week they will get their first taste of Bio Marine at less than half the light feeding recommendations and I'll gradually increase their fertilzer with each application.

In 1-2 weeks they will be transplanted to larger Air Pots for the anticipated aggressive growth pattern they should be entering at that time.

2 weeks after that they should be giving up their first clones.

On a side note you can see how fast this thing will go without having to deal with presexing the young plants. In the time the whole presexing ordeal would take I will already have identified a mother plant, taken clones , and be one the first cycle of the SOG. All without having wasted any time, soil, space, electricity, and nutes on male plants. IMO buying feminized seeds is well worth the extra cash.

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I gotta agree on the Fem seeds. Assuming they have the same potency, which I think these days most do - the fem is the way to go if not breeding.

And man, once you get into clones, life becomes even better.

Enjoying the Ride. Break..Break.. I got a 4-20 in progress... gotta go investigate!



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High OB.

WOW, I like the new place. Nice new look, new chairs for us to sit around in, and a new strain! WOOHOO! Love the Yumboldt, but havent tried the YB47 yet. It'll be a nice grow to watch.
+reps if I can, 5stars.

Over n' Out good buddy.


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Welcome Aboard J!
Glad you like the new digs!
It's about to get kinda interesting. I'm working on plans right now to install a water line directly into my grow room!

Hopefully by the end of the week my water packing days are over!:cheer::cheer::cheer::cheer::439:


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Love this place man!

OB, load the rig and head north, hammer down!

Got a load of beer and bud for transport, oh and an elephant if you can fit back there. (Or am I messing up my trucker movies, was that Cannonball Run 2) :3:

Love the grow man!
Yeah man the elephant was in Smokey part 2. Cannonball run was pretty cool too though! Lots of fast cars and fast women! My kind of flick! I have 'em all on dvd. I also recommend Burt's movie "Gator" Fast cars, moonshine, dirty sheriffs, beat downs, and Burt get the "Shaky Pudding" from his partners girl! :439:
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