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Orangehaze's Very First Grow - Indoor - Bag Seeds


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After a nasty divorce two and a half years ago, dreams shattered, house sold, kids alternating between us, I fell into a deep depression. I refused any meds my doctors proposed since I am terrified of the anti-depressants these PC Swedish docs suggest I take. Instead I picked up my smoking habits from the past and acctually started feeling alright again. Although now, thinking about how much money I have been giving to my dealer (sweet guy, crap weed), makes me absolutely sick, which is why it's time for my first grow.

My friend let me borrow his tent (60x60x140cm, 200w hps lighting and a carbon filter included) and some bagseeds he want's to believe is of the strain Blueberry. I love this guy. I'll use them to practise and he'll get half of the yield. Fair deal, yes? Feminized seeds are in the mail and I plan to grow many different strains and find out how I respond differently to them. After this practise batch I will plant some autoflowering seeds in order to get my stash levels up. I'm not calling the crapweedguy again. After that I wanna get a little fancy (two grow rooms, supercropping, clone rotation).

Strategy for the practice batch
KISS! Seeds sprouted in paper towel, then put in small pots enclosed in a dome with high humidity. I have five plants going now, replanted in bigger pots (10 cm squared pots) and they are a bit more than a week old. One was lazy and popped up just 10 hours ago. I'll let them grow 6 nodes, top them and try to clone, to ensure that I fill up the tent with females before the flowering stage. I plan on giving them a short veg stage of around 3-5 weeks and then put them on 12/12 til they are just right. I use all-purpose soil with some fertilizer in it mixed with some vermiculit and perlite. No additional nutrients will be added for now. KISS, remember ;) Temp is around 27-30 degrees Celsius and it's quite dry in Helsingborg at the moment.

The plants all look very similar to each other. I think they have quite wide leaves. That may suggest they are in fact Blueberry. Or that I have no idea what I'm talking about. Either way, the guy in the upper left got a few days head start. That seed I found lying in the cardboard box the tent came in. Of course I germinated it. I'm in a real growing mood :D


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Hi orangehaze. Great to have you join us on the number one site for promoting cannabis awareness and ending prohibition worldwide

Thanks for the great introduction, it reminds me of my own situation, except my friend had pretty decent smoke, but the cost was definitely a factor :)

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask; the FAQs forum is great for that. And New Member Start Links will provide you lots of good information for navigating and using the site.

:welcome: :Namaste:


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Introducing the gang.

Here is x1, 12 days old. Grew from a seed I found just laying around.

These are b1, b2 and b3. They are 8 days old.

And here is b4, showed it's face yesterday, so this guy is 1 day old.

All together now:

Since I have been working with bag seeds I'm worried about the female ratio. I know I said KISS earlier, but what are some of your experiences trying to flower them early to detect gender and then putting them back into veg?


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My first sign of trouble: leaves on one plant look deformed. I want to do the least possible to adjust the settings. I adhere to the principles of KISS religiously. I apply this to my work also (I'm a software engineer). So, the only thing I can think of that might stress the plants right now is the temperature. They have been at 30 degrees Celcius for the whole run so far and it might be just a little to warm for comfort.

I made the following adjustments:
1. The fan was moved from the floor of the tent to the tent "attic", blowing air towards the light bulb.
2. A second fan was added to the lower air intake of the tent.

Result: 4 degrees lower temperatures inside the tent (steady at 26 degrees). The air being pumped out of the tent is 34 degrees Celcius.

The grow room

The fellas

b4 (3 days old)

b1, b2, b3 (10 days old)



x1 (13 days old)

No nutrients have been added yet, only one day old tap water.
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Very nice grow you got going on . I was in your shoes a few years ago and it turned my life upside down. I found piece in growing and it helped to move on and enjoy life. I wish you the best and keep it growing green.


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"I found piece in growing and it helped to move on and enjoy life."
This is so true. I guess that's why some people get a dog. You step out of yourself for a while, which is a nice relief for an overthinker like myself.


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Divorce.. been there, done that. I know the pain man. I just wish I had Cannabis back then to help get me through the low times.

As for your plants, you mentioned a deformed leaf, But honestly I can't find anything wrong, at least nothing that would make me worry. You have them very well under control, healthy, green, and growing nicely.

Welcome to :420: And congrats on starting your first grow!


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I put five nirvana blue mystic seeds in the soil last night to keep the blueberries company. But can this really be a blueberry? Look at the pics. This guy is forming its fourth node but tha plant is only an inch and a half tall (4 cm).



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I need to edit out the first 6 pics from post #4 in this thread. Way too self-incriminating. Tried to get moderator attention by reporting the post. That was 12 h ago. Can I get some help?


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Recap: A handful of bag seeds was converted into 5 seedlings approximately two weeks ago. Intel says they're blueberry, but who knows? A couple of days ago I germinated 5 nirvana blue mystic auto (feminized). They all broke through yesterday.

This will be a crowded tent (secret jardin ds60 - 60x60x140cm), but surely some of the blueberries will be male. Right now I'm in charge of 10 lovely specimens.

I'm letting them dry out a bit at the moment to encourage root growth. All will re-potted in a day or so. Haven't had any real problems. Sprayed them alot in the beginning, because the tent is quite hot, up to 31 degrees Celsius. But spraying caused a burned leaf, so I'm done with that.

The air flow in the tent has been improved upon and temps are now stable at around 28 degrees C. When (if?) this crappy Swedish summer turns hot I'll buy a portable air cooler.

My plan is to let the blueberries grow a bit taller, 30 cm or so and then do the turn to 12/12. Really interesting to see how the two groups will do, side by side.



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Breaking news! The bushiest of the bag seed batch is starting to flower, after only two weeks of veg. Good news it's a she. But why is it flowering already? It's behaving like an auto. They're getting light round the clock.


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Ok, so I read up on unintended early flowering and that might be caused by a dramatic change in lighing. Two days ago I added four cfl bulbs to the tent. Before that the tent was equiped with one light source, a hps 200W. Can that be it? What do I do now? Just let things be? Or maybe do the flip to 12/12 now?


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All of the bag seed plants are showing signs of flowering and I have confirmed two females at least, the rest I'm not sure about yet. Wierd this.
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