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Hoping this is the correct place for this...
I placed an order on Dec 26th with Seedsman, received email notifications.
Have yet to receive a notification of shipping.
Is this normal for them to take a while to send out?
I do understand the holidays in there as well so that could cause a delay..
Anyway, thanks for looking!
Most of my seeds come from Seedsman's Seeds. Normally take 21 to 30 days to receive, they say 25 days. Give it that amt of time then contact customer service, they will resend, if you chose that option.
Two orders ago, which I place in late October, they did not arrive by the end of Nov. and when I contacted them the requested I give it a few more days. Well the order did not come so I contacted them, I had requested and paid for stealth shipping, they resent the order and it got here in 7 days, it was not stealth shipping. Got that order in early December. In March of the next year I go a package and it was the original order, have no idea where in the hell it had been but it had not tried to be opened and everything was there. I let them know and they said that had happened before and enjoy the seeds.
That screwed up that falls grow as I planned to do a 5 plant vertical grow, but ended up having to plant some of their freebies as that was all I had. One White Widow, don't remember the breeder, and one Super Citrus Haze from Seedsman breeders.
The WW was what I expected, short, multi buds and ok quality, the SCH was outstanding both in growth and quality. Great flavor, super aroma, and an outstanding high. Got 6 zips off the WW and almost 10 zips of smokable buds from the SCH.
Give them time, they are IMHO one of the best seed companies out there.

The WW
20170410_152550 (2).jpg
The Super Citrus Haze
20170415_093815 (2).jpg


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@Jackalope this was a CKS NL auto. She was messed up since day one, her first true leaves were whacked out and she looked like crap...like she was stuck somewhere between veg and bloom. I left her as long as I could till the tricomes got cloudy then cut her.

This was the second time I left a shitty plant because I wanted to see if it would improve. Never again. If she's messed up from the start there is no cure and surely not worth taking up space and light for something that wont yield. Id rather crack another seed from now on and just have a plant finish a few weeks later with some good bud.

In his book Cervantes lays out the genetic over under odds you get with regular, fem, auto fem and reg auto seeds. Looking at his numbers its a 50/50 crapshoot...which is a totally unhelpful bit of information I suppose.
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My first attempt at buying seeds was for CKS (who is no longer a sponsor) : not helpful, limited inventory (like 20 strains??) and they got a lot of flak here for shitty customer service. I asked around and found @SeedsMan and have since exclusively ordered and had the luck to also win a prize from one of the many contests they sponsor here. They have hundreds of strains to choose from and also accept cc. That they have someone here helping members is priceless...
Update!!! Just got notice that my seeds shipped!!

@SeedsMan...awesome customer service.
I ordered my current seed from cks. No issues, and only took a few days to arrive. Mind you I'm only one province away from them.
007, glad you got yours incoming! I was a few days behind so hopefully I hear something soon.