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Ordering direct from Dinafem?

Hey all, I'm in Canada and wondering if others have ordered direct from Dinafem seeds. Did your order clear customs with no issue? How long did it take? I just ordered some strawberry amnesia and sweet deep grapefruit but didn't realize the order wasn't tracked or guaranteed until after it was shipped. Thanks.


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You should be fine. That is normal even from ordering right from seed banks. They can only track it so far. It gets lost in customs.

I have did it both ways. Ordered right from the breeders and from seed banks. If they took your order with your address then they will ship to you.

Where you run into problems going straight to the breeder is with shipping. Seed banks will ship to a broader spectrum of customers.

What I have found is best is to use seed banks for breeders that are not in your country. If the breeders are in your same company go straight to them. Better support and delivery.
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