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Ordering off of ebay?? Ok or not so much?


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I'm thinking of ordering a vaporizer off of ebay. would this be safe?
Also if I'm not supposed to say the site, then just delete this.


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I'd say you're safe. Just make sure the seller has a positive reputation, and pay the extra for insured shipping, because that would be a shame to pay all that money and have it busted by the mailman.


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Yeah, I'd think it'd be alright as well. If you look at my Ebay history, it's pretty suspicious. Scales, printed mini ziplocks, 300+ whip cream chargers... :laugh2:

haha, I remember looking on ebay at the whip cream chargers back when I was crazy about 'em...I did 96 of em in like 15 minutes once, that was crazy.

I wouldn't worry too much about ordering off ebay, but one thing I would be sure of is make sure anything you buy drug related is atleast located in the US so it doesn't have to pass through customs...just to be safe. :60:
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