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Oregon Cannabis Tax Act 2010

CannabisTaxAct.Org, Oregon Cannabis Tax Act will comprehensively reform cannabis and hemp laws by regulating and taxing adult commercial use while promoting industrial hemp cultivation. By regulating the sale of cannabis Oregon stands to earn million

In order to be successful, this mission will require key assistance from volunteers across the state. We will soon begin circulating the petition across Oregon. We will need 83,000 valid signatures by July, 2, 2010 to qualify for the November ballot. If you would like to get involved in the movement, simply fill out our volunteer form or start a hemp advocacy group in your community and make your voice heard!


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In a short while, the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act is going to have a petition you can download & sign, then mail it back to them. So you don't have to have someone near you that has the petition. Just have to have a printer, envelope, and stamp.


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Hello People of Oregon
Download the Petition Sign it,Print some out for your friends.

Cannabis Tax Act | Legalizing Marijuana Use In Oregon

Mail petitions to:
Oregon Cannabis Tax Act Headquarters
5220 North East Sandy Blvd.
Portland, Oregon 97213

Petition Instructions:
This petition is ONLY a single sheet petition. Following these instructions carefully will ensure that you meet the state of Oregon's requirements, so your signatures count.

• Do not put anything on the petition, like a sticker or stamp of any kind or write any slogans on there, this will disqualify the entire sheet.

• DO NOT cross anything off or write over anything on the petition.

• Do not number the petition.

• Along with your signature please print your name address and date. Please use a pen.

• A person can only sign a petition once, and CANNOT sign for anyone else. For example, husbands cannot sign for their wives.

• The date you sign at the bottom must be in MM/DD/YY format, no exceptions.

• You MUST be a registered Oregon voter. Sign your full name, as you did when you registered to vote.

• You may print off sheets for your friends and family to sign, if they too are registered Oregon voters.

• You may also forward the link to friends who wish to sign the petition.


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If you have not mailed in your petition do so NOW.. Deadline is June 30 for mail All must be turned in july 2 to the secretary of state in Salem


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TODAY IS THE DEADLINE to mail back your signatures if you have not already mailed them - please hand deliver them to the office at 5220 NE Sandy Blvd before 6pm today or Thursday. 07/02/2010 :) Thanks!
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