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Oregon Marijuana Legalization Campaign Receives $100,000 Donation

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New Approach Oregon, a group backing a proposed initiative to legalize marijuana, has just reported receiving a $100,000 donation from Henry van Ameringen, the New York-based heir to a fragrance company fortune. The contribution provides an important financial boost to a campaign that is just starting its signature gathering and had not reported receiving any significant contributions since insurance magnate Peter Lewis gave $64,000 back in October. Lewis, a frequent contributor to marijuana legalization efforts, died a month later.

Van Ameringen, an heir to International Flavors & Fragrance, has also contributed to pro-marijuana efforts in other states. New Approach has patterned its ballot initiative along the lines of the legalization measure approved by voters in Washington in 2012. The group unsuccessfully sought to have the Legislature refer a legalization measure to the November ballot. Paul Stanford, the owner of a Portland-based chain of medical marijuana clinics, is also in the midst of gathering signatures for his own marijuana measures. One would give 21-and-over Oregonians the constitutional right to possess marijuana and the other would set up a program for regulating the production and sale of marijuana. It would have larger possession limits than the measure promoted by New Approach.


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Source: Oregonlive.com
Author: Jeff Mapes
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Website: Oregon marijuana legalization campaign receives $100,000 from New York heir to fragrance fortune | OregonLive.com
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