Oregon Senate Passes Medical Marijuana Drug Testing Bill


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Employers could fire medical marijuana users who fail drug tests under a bill passed Wednesday by the Oregon Senate.

The bill received strong bipartisan support. If it becomes law -- it still has to be approved in the House and be signed by the governor -- it would place Oregon alongside several other states that allow medical marijuana but also allow employers to enforce drug-free workplaces.

Most business groups supported the bill, saying they wanted a clear mandate to enforce drug-free workplaces.

Several company representatives said they already enforce such policies in the interest of workplace safety and would fire an employee who tested positive for marijuana.

Advocates of medical marijuana have countered that the bill discriminates against them and would fail to make the workplace any safer because most company drug policies are enforced through urine tests that don't determine whether a person is impaired, but can indicate if someone has used cannabis within a 30-day period.

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