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Organic Hydro Using EarthJuice, PH issues, Do's and Don'ts


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I would like to know if anyone has had any crazy ph issues using EarthJuice products. Mainly extreme fluctuations like 1.5 to 2. full points in under 8 hours. I am not new to hydro just new to EarthJuice. (3part flora never gave me a problem) I believe I have my issue figured out but would love to know if anyone has any special steps for the organic EJ products. It's now stable and only fluctuating .2 to .3 of a point in over a 12 hours period.
I run a re-circulating 2 bucket DWC system. Using rapid rooter starters, new and cleaned hydroton clay pellets in 6" net pot lids, 6" air stone disc w/ high volume commercial air pump. With the control bucket and reservoir the two plants have a total of 16 gallons to feed from. I've been on EJ's site and followed their "charging the system" recommendation. I bubble the nutes for about 24 hours add them to a 16 gallon holding tank (using a #100 fine mesh screen filter) and bubble for another 24 to 48 hours till the cloudy appearance is gone then I balance the ph and it finally will stabilize. It seems that if I don't wait till the water goes almost clear the ph will not stop rising extremely fast. Cloudy or clear the EC/ppm stays the same, does anyone know why it clears like that?
Just to throw it out there my water temp stays at 69 degrees, I use a Milwaukee 802, store it wet, and calibrate before every other use. Also I want to use EarthJuice for that little extra flavor and great taste its praised for. I've also heard about their products being not so consistent and only the grow and bloom are truly organic.
Anyone with success stories and or problems about EJ please tell me. Any little secrets would also be appreciated!
Thanks in advance!


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Haven't tried EJ, but had simular issues with an organic hardener called gravity... no one could explain it... not even the manufacturer.


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sorry no experience with the Earth j, sounds familiar with PURE BLEND though, i think PIT420 uses EJ, maybe he can tell you something about it. I get ph flucs with PB.


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I loved using EJ in soil. thought about using it hydro but decided PBP was a lot easier.:3: (Yes I'm sometimes lazy) Glad to hear you figured out your PH issue and no I don't know whay it goes clear like it does nor why it takes it to go clear before the natural buffers kick in and the PH stabalizes. EJ is a great nutrient for those who like the pure natural route. keep us informed of how it's going please.


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Hi Guys,
When I grew in soil I Used EJ or PBP too. Both excellent nutes.
Try mixing your notes in water a day ahead then ph before feeding. Hope this helps.
Much Luck :peace:
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