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Organic Nutrient Starter Kit

JJ Bones

Nug of the Month: Feb 2013
General Organics Starter Nutrient Kit

This is a great starter kit if you're new growers who want to use organic based nutrients. This is all you're going to need for your entire grow, and then some. If you would like to follow the manufacturer feeding schedule visit this link.

These nutrients are best used for soil or soiless applications. We do not recommend using this in your hydroponics system, however this can be done and some people do in fact use it in hydroponics. These nutrients are geared towards organic soil grows, if you're growing with hydroponics we recommend the General Hydroponic products.

Here is a description of each nutrient bottle you will receive:

Biothrive Grow, Gal
Best for use during the vegetative phase, BioThrive Grow (4-3-3) is custom designed to create a strong and nutritious base for optimal flower, fruit and seed development. This custom blend is packed with nutrition and will give plants the custom diet they need for sturdy root and foliage development.
Biothrive Bloom, Gal
BioThrive Bloom vegan plant food (2-4-4) is specifically developed for all plants in the blooming stage. After use, gardeners can expect bigger blossoms, juicier fruits and more seeds.
CaMg+, Qt
Part of General Organics’ line of sustainability-oriented plant nutrients and supplements, CaMg+ packs the right amount of calcium to boost cell wall production and increase disease resistance in plants.
BioRoot, Qt
Seedlings and cuttings will get a jumpstart from BioRoot Root Booster’s vitamins, enzymes, organic and humic acids. This formula helps young plants take hold with strong and massive root systems, and helps more established plants maintain their health. Use with any potting mix, garden soil or other growing media.
BioWeed, Qt
Cold-processed seaweeds provide the nutrients in General Organics’ BioWeed. The plant-boosting power naturally found in this vegetation of the sea will help plants achieve great heights and depths through prolific foliage growth and root development as well as produce larger fruits and flowers.
Diamond Black, Qt
Nutrient absorption, microbial activity, soil structure, nutrient retention and water usage all benefit from the exceptionally high percentage of plant-active humates found in Diamond Black. Use with any soil-based gardening media during any stage of plant growth, or use as an additive for making compost.
BioBud, Qt
This formula can be used with any baseline formula in any gardening medium, and will aid plants in achieving more abundant blossoms and more flavorful fruits when applied during the flowering and fruiting phases. Metabolic activity and mineral uptake is increased by utilizing bio-stimulants and organic transport enhancers.

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