Organic Nutrients W Inorganic (PetrolChemical) based nutes


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Just wondering if anyone has had experience mixing or using both organic nutrients (blood meal, bone meal, bat guano etc.) along with standard 20-20-20 or 15-30-15 oil based nutes? I understand that using at the same time could harm the plant from nute burns. But what about starting out with organic and then moving into the 20-20-20 later once the organic source is depleted? I ask because the pots i'm using are only 1.58gal each and I'm not sure I could sustain them for the entire season purely on organic sources alone because the pot size is rather small. If I add to much of the organic nutes I risk stunting or seriously harming the plant. If I add too little there is no going back to add more without disrupting the root system. Thoughts? and do not say bigger pots, I want to keep the plants on the small side.
I am... Not as well versed in nutrients my friend. Someone will likely give you a better answer, but this is my impression..

That sounds strong for nutrients.. Maybe to high nitrogen for flower..Who knows, if your going to veg for how long or if that factors.. :) I'm using OC+, which is like... 15-9-12 or something. It's fine... I think using a solid nute like that, and supplementing with organics would be pretty nice. That is what my good friend OMM wants to do. The last organics he used he did not like... Not sure when or if he will upgrade.

I use a solid organic soil.. Add OC+ like, 20 days or so after... If you use FFOF soil, you should wait to avoid burning.. It's quite rich soil... I haven't tested much, but I'm hoping to make the switch to Black Gold Organic soil.. I think its more mild.
I use organic kelp and molasses also... When I have the money, Silica and CalMag will be added (if I can't find a decent organic alternative for these last two)... I would suggest maybe smart-pots or airpots.. You could probably use one gallons for veg, and two for flower. I'm lucky enough to go outdoors... So I'm begrudgingly moving to "bigger" pots.

If you want to go "all out".. Look up some of the cats here like DocBud, VapeDog, or CasaVerde. High Brix and organics seems like it produces the most beautiful cannabis I've ever seen. Once I feel more confident in my growing I would love to make the transition... But OC+ puts out a very respectable product.
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