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Organic outdoor grow-watering with occasional sugar water?


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what happens when i use sugar in the water i use to water my plant? ive been told it makes buds bigger, more potent, and sweeter smelling/tasting. is this true? if so...how much should i use per gallon?


Grow Journal of the Month: March 2017
Hello staywicked and welcome to 420. The carbs feed the microorganisms, which in turn promote nutrient uptake by our plant. The plant doesn't actually absorb the sugar/molasses directly, which is a common misconception. As Antics correctly points out, molasses is the most commonly used carb. I use 1 tbsp/gal starting in veg into fairly late bloom. Also good K & Mg source. And yes, all that you ask can be helped by adding carbs, more so if you grow organically.
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