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Organic tea help


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I'm a dwc grower and have had several grows with just a chiller and no issues.

However this grow all of my seedlings are being killed off by brown slime/root rot. My chiller keeps temps below 20c 24/7 I use h2o2 however it only keeps it at bay for 48 hours and then comes back.

I have read hundreds and hundreds of pages on teas and I've come to the conclusion the tea is is answer.

Only problem is a lot of ingredients are not sold here such as subculture m zho, and many others aren't sold.

I've ordered some EWC due to be delivered this week. Will any EWC do?

Since I don't have any other ingredients would bubbling this:
Maxwell Mycological Mycorrmax Planting Compost 70L | Compost & Planting Mixes | Amenity Land Solutions

With the EWC be beneficial? It contains mycorrhizal. The only other ingredient I've managed to order is great white shark however I've heard mixed opinions on wether great white should be added to the tea mix?

I really need to get this tea brewing ASAP before all my seedlings die off. So far I've lost 6 of 32

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