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OrganicMan's Gorilla Glue x White Widow, Sour Diesel & More Soil Grow


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Day 37 12/12 end of week 5 start of 6



Things are moving along fast now! Alot of flower growth and trichome production over the last week. There is still a bit of yellowing but it seems to have slowed so hopefully it shouldn't impact the final few weeks. Im feeding every water at the moment trying to keep these girls from starving.

The seedlings and cuttings are doing well. I chose the strongest cuttings of the birthday cake S1 and Sour Diesel as the seedlings are looking very strong.

Blue og right, Sour Diesel front left and birthday cake back left.

Seedlings- I'm excited to see what the mystery seeds will be :D


The Auroa Indica is slow growing, I think it must of had a dodgy tap root but I will be patient.


I hope all is well in your green world much love to all :green_heart::Namaste::48:


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Day 43 12/12 start of week 7

I've managed to keep these hungry girls from eating themselves up until now, a few fan leaves are yellowing but as we are heading in to the final weeks I'm OK with that.

Top view


Front Birthday Cake S1 flowering time is between 7-9 weeks so I'll probably start a slow down on the feed over the next week she definitely isn't a 7 weeker.
Middle Tangilope flowering time is 8-9 weeks so she will be fed a couple more times this week.
At the back Blue Og flowering time 9 weeks so I will feed a couple of more times to.

GGxWW flowering time is 8-9 weeks so a couple more feeds this week.

Sour Diesel not sure on flowering time but I would guess around 9 weeks so a couple more feeds for these girls to.

I hope all is well in your green world much love to all :green_heart: :Namaste: :48:


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Day 52 start of week 8

Let the swelling commence!


This is the tangilope she has a week of flushing left. I have had to support her with some string and a bungie.

This is the Blue OG. I think another week of feed and a week of plain water.

This is the birthday cake a week of flushing for her to.

The GGxWW need another week of feed I think and a final week of water.

The Sour Diesel are the slowest flowering I think they will need the longest. I'm going to feed for
anoth week and see.

So I should start harvesting at the end of week 8 mid way through 9 I can't wait.

More to come from the veg tent.

I hope all is well in your green world much love to all :Namaste:



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Day 59 end of week 8


Things are moveing along now. I've put more bungies up to support the GGxWW they are all very top heavy.
I haven't cut anything down as of yet. I had a quick look through the scope today and the tangilope will be the first (middle right of pic) , there are a few Amber trichs but I like to see more, a couple more days and she will fall.

The veg tent is looking good.

The 2 big girls on the right are the Blue OG cuttings, they are in there final 20L pots, I'm going to top these a few times to keep them shorter. Next along from the right we have 1 Sour Diesel cutting and 1 birthday cake cutting, they are will be potted up in a couple of days. The rest are all the seedlings, they are all speeding along. They are all in 10L pots apart from small one which is the Auroa Indica she had a hard start but I bet she will catch up.

I hope all is well in your green world much love to all :Namaste: :48:
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