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Hey guys. I want to lay out what I believe is the way to get to full legalization for us in the coming years. Moreover than that I would like to express my thoughts on the value of organization and management and what it could do for our future as a whole.

Hear me out.

Most citizens in the United stated don't know who their state reps are their states. Why? Why is it that we live in a place where the citizens decide what can and cant be done. Most don't know what each politician stand for either. I don't. Why is it so hard for the American citizen to make informed decisions? I ask myself this.......and then I say to my self....instead of asking why, find a solution to the problem.


This is my proposal. I want to be able to change the political scenery as the average man sees it. I want to be able to see a politicians states like a baseball card. Organized, simple to read, simple to review, user friendly.
Look at this forum. so organized, so neat...why.....because this is what the people want! It attracts the masses, its user friendly, its organized! its simple to read and simple to review! DO YOU SEE WHAT IM TRYING TO GET AT!

We need a information station on every single public figure in the 50 states, and don't say it cant be done because it can and its not that hard. We need a management team that will be able to manage and organize the info and disburse where need be.

I dream of a time when its voting time and while im on the way to the polls I can pull my smart phone out and open an app and click on my state down to the county and click on the candidates, and within a few minutes I am able to differentiate one politician from another, not just by looking at him, but by what each politician's views are.

Think of fantasy football league type of organization of something like draftkings, but in a political realm.

I know im not buggin. I know this can work and not only can it work it would be useful for all of the truthseekers out there who want to make informed decisions about their leaders of the community. This will also provide us with a way to get all the pro marijuana politicians in office!

I want to know who wants to help me.


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That's what im trying to get out. If it was super easy to obtain user friendly unbiased info on political figures, you would be able to make a decision on who to vote for while waiting in line to vote!


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No Alpha males in this forum? No opinions from anyone?
I have an opinion on your thread will post it on the final post since it will be a little lengthy.

I never vote, but if it were like that I would consider it.
Unless you are under 18 I strongly request you vote this election and educate yourself before you vote.

That's what im trying to get out. If it was super easy to obtain user friendly unbiased info on political figures, you would be able to make a decision on who to vote for while waiting in line to vote!

I actually think that an app that would pull up each state legislator, or any politician for that matter would be very helpful but here is the dilemma that I see. In order for something like this to happen, 1st off you would have to create a format for all the important information. Also you would want to be able to link all of their voting records so people could see if they actually voted they way they claim they believe. Many politicians will tell you they are sympathetic to this or that cause but when you actually see their voting record the real truth comes out. Most of this information is all public record, not all but most, but even if you were only going to post public record information, all that data has to be entered into some form of workable format. This means someone will have to enter all this data, also since politicians come and go, plus they change their position every time the political wind blows, that would need to be updated.
All this is still doable. Here is where I see the problem with this concept. By the way, personally I think it is a great idea, but unless you can get the government to pay for it, there is no way in hell it will ever get public funding. It would be like asking Bonnie and Clyde to bankroll better bank security. Just not going to happen. Ignorant voters work in their favor. The would prefer that every voter was like Jeffx.
If they are the only ones to vote, they always win. Even with the internet and the ability to watch the GOP and DNC debates any day of the week or any time of the day, people just do not do it. Are they lazy? Have they just given up? Do they feel their vote does not count anymore?
Who knows and who cares, what is important is we as a nation educates "ourselves" if we have to and make informed decisions. With the internet and google, it is so easy to find everything out and cross reference it to confirm if it is true or not. All it takes is missing one foot ball game, or missing out on a few hours of video games. Personally if you do not pay attention to what is going on and at least make an effort to see what each candidate stands for, by all means, don't vote, chances are you are only going to vote by name recognition anyway and it is corporate America who decides who has name recognition. So technically you would be voting for corporate America and their best interests. Thanks but no thanks, they have enough already.

Now if you can give me a viable way to pay for this app and get it up and running, I will be happy to rethink my position on this, but I just do not see any large contributors that are not going to want something back in return.
It really is a very good idea, but the only way I see how it could possibly work would be if when Bernie is elected and he over turns Citizens United, perhaps the Government could fund it like it will have to fund political campaigns.

Do not mean to be such a negative Nancy, perhaps I am missing something. If so please enlighten me.

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Yea, what OG said...lol...and I agree that it's a great idea as well but you would really need to start a whole new website with a big powerful server and lot's of employees working in conjecture to compile miles and miles of information and reach out to the masses with it to gain sponsorship and so on and so forth to pull it off. I really think it's a little more complicated than just developing a phone App, but I do like where your mind is on this and there's nothing wrong with thinking outside the box what so ever, in fact I strongly promote out side the box thinking of this kind but it's a matter of magnitude to how easy something is to pull off that has to be considered before moving forward with an idea, no matter how good it is.

Look at this forum. so organized, so neat...why.....because this is what the people want! It attracts the masses, its user friendly, its organized! its simple to read and simple to review!

Ok, since I've been to the back stage here as a part of the staff once upon a time, I'll tell you why this place is so organized and neat and runs so smoothly and I can truthfully say that it's not just because it's what the people want either. Just to be clear, I will not go into too much detail because I swore I wouldn't but I will say that this place is the way it is because of the awesome staff that works extremely hard to make it this way. This place has a powerful and very expensive server that has to be constantly updated and kept in finely tuned running condition because of the thousands of people pouring into this place daily as well as keeping our identities safe and secure and not to mention all the new information that floods the server on a daily basis. On top of that it has to be constantly monitored by professional staff members to constantly put out fires of all kinds. Things like spam bots, aggressive members, under age members, people that have been ban from the site coming back under new identities and a ton of other things that I won't even mention. This is the very best Cannabis website on the planet for a reason and the awesome, loving and compassionate members are just a small part of a much bigger equation that makes it the best Cannabis website on the planet.

710420, I can sense your passion and I love seeing that my friend. I really want you to jump in on those news stories and share your views with us. Also, please join us in this thread 420-activist-corner as well because we need all the passion and activism we can get.

:thanks: :Namaste:


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If voting were real, it would be illegal :cough:

But I like legalization and regulation of the plant, good luck little state!!!

Remember the good old days when the Constitution was real and people were told to grow hemp by the government?

Quick jump into my DeLorean we're going back in time :51::51::51::51:

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