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Back in the 80's I had a glass pipe called the Steamroller. It was about 1-1/2" in diameter and about 9" long. Unlike the smaller modern steamrollers; this unit had a flared end and you put your mouth in it not over it so no slobber. It was a 2-handed pipe an you held the pipe with one hand and put your hand over the other end. Delivered a really nice hit but the real beauty was how easy it was to clean. I had a tall jar with alcohol and just soaked it for a few minutes and it was clean. Also had a glass bong called a toker made by the same company. It had the work Scientific in it but I sure can't remember the name. Heck, I'd buy a used one if I could find it they cleaned up that easy. These were clear glass, no frills. Any ideas where to find something like this? Thanks guys!


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We offer a Steamroller that you don't put your mouth over it but just against it. It sounds like the one you had was a but different but grav makes some nice steamrollers in many sizes.

Here is the largest. This is an interesting unit because it has a bowl that is removable.

Grav Labs Glass on Glass 45mm Steamroller | VaporStore.com

This is the next largest without the bowl

Grav Labs 25mm Steamroller | VaporStore.com

There is a super small one but that sounds like it is not what you are looking for.

At any rate these are some that we offer in case one could work out for you.
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