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Orlando International Airport Bans Medical Marijuana

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Despite legislation legalizing medical marijuana, the Orlando International Airport is banning medical marijuana. It's the only major airport in the state to do so.

Travelers and airport employees will soon see signs warning passengers that bringing medical marijuana into the airport could lead to confiscation .

The airport says it's because the airport receives grants from the Federal Aviation Administration and it follows federal laws which makes marijuana possession illegal.

"The intent of the policy is to ensure that everyone is aware that under federal law, marijuana continues to be an illegal drug and anyone possessing it on airport property is subject to the applicable federal laws," says airport spokeswoman Carolyn Fennell. "Because the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority is not a law enforcement agency, we will rely on the Orlando Police Department and other federal agencies to take appropriate actions."

But the Orlando Police Department says it will take no action in the event that someone is lawfully carrying medical marijuana in accordance with Florida statute.

The Orlando Sanford International Airport doesn't have an official position on a medical marijuana ban. That airport says it's waiting on official guidance from the FAA, although when that will happen is unclear. Other airports across the state, including Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Tampa, do not have bans on medical marijuana.

Gov. Rick Scott signed the medical marijuana bill into law last week after more than 70 percent of Florida voters called for a constitutional amendment last year.


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