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Our First Shake At Autoflowers: Soil, Timber Lighting


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Space:5x5 Tent

Seeds: Auto Flowering-Amnesia Haze,Pineapple Haze,Chocolope,Jack Herrer.

Medium:Dirty Martini Soil,3 gallon Plastic Pots,2 gallon fabric pots.

Nutrients:Cyco Swell for Flower,RO water

Lights: Timber Fatty VS

Iponics Controller,Fans,Dehumidifier

Last night we cleaned the tent and everything that goes with it,in it, around it.
We dropped 4 different strains Into cups of RO PH 6.3 water. 3 seeds each of Jack Herrer, Amnesia Haze, Chocolope, Pineapple Haze. We want 10 maybe 11 seedlings. 1 of the pineapple haze sank to the bottom so not much hope for that.
We are using 9- 3 gallon plastic pots and 1-2 fabric pots. Never have used fabric pots, I am using this as a learning/transitioning.
I bought 2 bags of Dirty Martini potting soil. I mixed both of them together and let it sit for 5 days. We will let them go in this and if needed I will use Mega Crop to fill in until Flower.I picked up some Cyco Swell for flower.Never have used this but saw really great reviews, so why not.

I will be running these for 18/6 from start to finish. The Chocolope are listed as taller plants than the other 3. For this reason I am going to top these 3. We have never grown autos so I am going to only top these 3.

Let’s look at this a different way.
Never have grown Autos or these strains in this soil using these nutrients or cloth pots. What could go wrong. LOL


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I started all the seeds in PH RO water and let them sit for 16 hours then went to a damp paper towel. Not one sprouted. These seeds were a couple years old and were put through some tough times and also given to me by someone that used to grow. We ordered some more auto flower seeds yesterday from Seedsman.
5-Jack Hammer, 5-Dark Devil, 7-Daiquri Lime. Of course Seedsman is kick ass so the freebies are 3-northern lights, 3-Strawberry Cheesecake and 3 unknown at this point. I will change up the Journal after we get and get them growing.
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